TNWiki, Community, and being an MVP: a marathon run!

Currently I am in my third year in the MVP program. Still very focused on sharing my knowledge and experience with the community, interacting with the BizTalk Product Group and fellow Microsoft Integration MVP's. In my view is that the community, MVP's, MCC's and the Product Group need each other and should thrive for empowerment. This is what happens today and I am proud to be part of it. I welcome you to join in! In case you would have the ambition of becoming an MVP I would encourage you to read the TNWiki article How to Become an MVP or MCC by Ed Price. One of my favorite statements in this article is:

"The MVP  is a "marathon award", and not a sprint award. Because an MVP award is evaluated based on the previous 12 months of contributions, you have to be active and consistent for over a year."

For me the above means being active within the TechNet Wiki, TechNet Wiki Blog, my own blogs, public speaking and writing article's. These activities span the whole year, every year. My motivation is that sharing knowledge and experience gives me energy or a kick. I get the same kick from running. At the time you read this I have completed my first half marathon in The Hague. This run is a stepping stone for my first full marathon later this year in Berlin.

Running a marathon takes the same dedication and preparation compared to being an MVP, being involved in the community and the TechNet Wiki. Months of training are required to get to a stage where your body is ready for such a challenge. Contributing to TechNet Wiki and other media is similar. It takes dedication and drive. If the driver is becoming an MVP or MCC than it means you will have to be ready for a long run. Hence the analogy of running a marathon.


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  1. It's a very long maraton i guess .. 🙂 You deserve it realy !!

  2. Thanks. Finished within two hours. Preparation took weeks. The thrill is the same after completing an article for TNWiki, a blog post or a presentation.

  3. Good luck on your full marathon.

  4. That's fantastic, Steef-Jan!

    I also wish you the best in all your marathons!

  5. Hezequias Vasconcelos says:

    Really MVPs inspire the community. Congratulations Steef-Jan.

  6. Luigi Bruno says:

    I know it is a hard Marathon: I've tried it.

  7. Durval Ramos says:

    I'm running, one day I will get at the end of this marathon !

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