Thursday Community Win: Real-life scenarios

Good day!!!

It's time for our Thursday - Community Win!

So this week I wanted to talk about something that can be a massive win both for the community and future clients!

As a community member people often ask me questions about products I don't really know too much about, this may be SharePoint, Access, Exchange, Office. These requests often come from colleagues in my company, they are starting a sales process for a new potential client and they want to have some references to cases where this has been done, no need for company name but some actual references where they can say that the client actually had a benefit from implementing that solution.

I have to jump into my connections and ask if anyone has one, or may have the time to write one to me! Then it hit me, why shouldn't we put this on the TechNet Wiki, these scenarios don't just come in handy for consultants, but future clients may want to read about how to increase efficiency, or to increase productivity. This is where these types of articles really hit hard, not only giving us as consultants more work, but a better revenue for Microsoft, and obviously a better day for the client.

So I wanted to give you some ideas of cases I want to see here on the TechNet Wiki, if you have any other ideas please feel free to create them or add a comment. If you make one, please add a link below and use the tag "Real-life scenario" in the article so we can follow up, I will give all people that contribute a special gift on my next blog post.

Idea 1:
How did SharePoint help improve productivity and scalability when implementing document handling for an accounting/Lawyer company

Idea 2:
How did exchange help to remove viruses and spam from end-users clients in a healthcare company (what tools were used)

Idea 3:
How did BizTalk help improve productivity in a transportation company?

Are you up for the challenge, do you want that gift?

Norwegian Ninja Tord (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)

Comments (3)

  1. Tord, I think it is a great idea for others to share real world solution experiences on the Wiki. I'll write one for SharePoint. Question for you, in Idea 1 you say "implementing document handling". Are you referring specifically to document management practices? Please let me know. C.

  2. Yes Craig, thats what I ment! Meke sure to get approval from the client.. 🙂

  3. Essentially these are case studies for various Microsoft products. That would be great!

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