TNWiki Article Spotlight: How to Insert a Formatted Code Snippet and Code Block on TechNet Wiki

Today's Tuesday Article Spotlight is on:

Wiki: How to Insert a Formatted Code Snippet and Code Block on TechNet Wiki

This article originally comes from the ducky mind of Tony Soper:

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I recently made some changes to the article, including building out this section:

How to Use the Format Code Block Tool

The TechNet Wiki Editor has a Format Code Block option ( ). Click it, insert some code, select a language, click Preview to see it, tweak the code, and then click OK. The source code is now formatted and into your article!

To add line numbers on the left side of your code, click the checkbox in the middle, Display Line Numbers.

Clicking the Format Code Block button opens the following popup window. But there is no option to select the Small Basic programming language. See Small Basic: How to Format a Code Block.


 So again, please go check out all the resources in this article here:

Wiki: How to Insert a Formatted Code Snippet and Code Block on TechNet Wiki



Before I go, I want to say goodbye to Tony Soper, in a Wiki Ninja way. I think it's fitting for me to say goodbye in a blog post that's all about me making his wiki article better. There's no bigger compliment you can make to Tony Soper, than to help make his Wiki articles better. =^)

First, Tony wrote our third blog post on this site, back on 11/1/11: TNWiki Article Spotlight – Windows PowerShell Survival Guide. Tony was our first non-Ed blogger. See all of Tony's posts on this blog in this Tony-tastic tag: tony soper.

Here is my video interview with Tony Soper:


That video interview is from  Interviews with Wiki Ninjas -> Tony Soper + Eric Battalio = Survival Guides and so much more! But that was near the end of 2011. Let's rewind back to early 2010...

Second, Tony was a prolific Wiki-er early on. He taught me how to do very important things that really annoy other people, like name a TechNet Wiki tag after yourself so that you can track all your articles. Here are his 369 articles: tonyso

In all unseriouslessness, Tony was a member of an early incarnation of the TechNet Wiki Community Council, and here's a tag slice I whipped up of every Wiki-related article that Tony Soper wrote: Booya. (Thanks to Craig Lussier for showing me how to combine tags.) My point is that Tony was aces at observing what content we could possibly need about the TechNet Wiki and dropping it in, little by little, knowing that he and the community would slowly craft it over time. And we did.

Third, he was the one who originated the annoying phrase, "Jump on in. The Wiki is warm!" I have since honored this sensational accomplishment by adding more annoying phrases to my closing statements, such as "Wiki while you work" and the one at the end of this blog post. So thank you Tony Soper for teaching me how to annoy others.

Fourth, Tony and I trained others together on what I call, "how to celebrate, evangelize, and fully utilize the community catalyst and social-authoring excellence that's known as TechNet Wiki." But mostly I made fun of his duck image.

And so, we wish Tony Soper a fortuitous journey as he leaves Microsoft and gets other people to fall in annoyance with him. Annoyance and love are very similar (you'll know if you ever loved anyone).

Tony Soper, have a good bye. 


If it's TechNet Wiki, then boy is it sticky.

    - Ninja Ed


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  1. Note: Tony actually originated the phrase as "come on in the wiki is fine." Here:…/tonyso-test.aspx

    I since took it to new depths.

  2. It was great working with you Tony! Best wishes!

  3. Monica Rush says:

    Thanks for all your help with the wiki.

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