Top Contributors: PowerShell, Office365, Windows Phone, Private Cloud: Step-by-Step Guide, Windows Explorer tips, plus free hugs to all readers!

Welcome back for another analysis of weekly contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week (Fri-Sat)

Firstly, here is the weekly leader board snapshot:


This week I saw more huge numbers! Also, notice the contributors tally is broken. Not sure why yet. 

Amazing work again by so many good people, the love is flowing in the TechNet Offices this week too!


Below are the results of a mega-crawl over the updated articles feed.


 Most Revisions Award  
Who has made the most individual revisions


comes first this week, with 375 revisions over 229 articles!! Boss level!!

Yagmoth555 is second, with 89 revisions over 15 articles

 comes third, with 83 revisions over 32 articles.


 Most Articles Updated Award  
Who has updated the most articles


comes first, with 229 articles! Wow Ed, lovin' your work there...

comes second, with 56 articles! Also very impressive!

comes third, with 32 articles. Nice work!


 Most Updated Article Award  
Largest amount of updated content in a single article


The article most updated this week is How to use PowerShell to Automatically Assign Licenses to your Office365 Users by of Microsoft.

This article introduces you to the process of assigning licenses to your Office365 users automatically.


 Longest Article Award  
Biggest article updated this week


The largest article to receive some attention this week is Formas de Navegacion en Windows Phone (es-ES), by  which he says is a translation of the information found here.

This is a magnificently valuable translation and we thank you very much for your work on this.


 Most Revised Article Award  
Article with the most revisions in a week


The article to receive the most revisions this week is Private Cloud: Step-by-Step Guide by Yagmoth555

This is an awesome document, with oodles of techy nom nom. I've made a link on my desktop to this one and will be trying it as soon as i have the time.

I suggest you all do the same. This is compulsory learning folks!


 Smallest Significant Edit Award  
Size isn't everything! Every edit counts.


Ignoring the addition of tags, this week's smallest but valuable tweak was to How to open Windows Explorer from command line in current directory by

This is just the kind of document we like, someone sharing a little bit of something that helped them solve a problem.

His correction? A simple Typo correction to the title. Our love for his work? Boundless.



Thanks as always for giving me so much to read this week!



Best regards,
Pete Laker



Oh and here's your hugs  "OOOOOOOO"  (Yes, their just textual hugs, sorry!)

Comments (7)

  1. Big agreement on that tweak from MajorTom! That's a small change with a big impact, since it's in the title!

    Thanks Pete!

  2. Yagmoth555 says:

    Thanks for the comment 🙂 ! I will surely publish a part 2 with app-v/remote app soon too ! or else the article will be way too long

  3. Ed, 375 revisions over 229 articles!!

    You're like the "Lionel Messi",  "Michael Schoumaker" or "Michael Jordan" of the Wiki !! Amazing work !

  4. Thanks Gokan!

    I'd be more impressed if it was 375 revisions over 400 articles. =^)

  5. works great, Thank you to everyone

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