International Update: Top 11 Spanish Contributors on TechNet Wiki!

Welcome to our Friday International Update, where we discuss what's happening outside English with TechNet Wiki!

Today we want to put the spotlight on another vibrant language community on TechNet Wiki... Spanish.

This is the fourth blog post in this series of the top international contributors to TechNet Wiki. Here are all the blog posts in this series:

  1. Top 12 Russian Contributors
  2. Top 17 Portuguese Contributors 
  3. Top 16 Turkish Contributors
  4. Top 11 Spanish Contributors (this page)
  5. Top 22 Portuguese Contributors - 2013 
  6. Top 10 Turkish Contributors - 2013
  7. Top 5 French Contributors 
  8. Top 14 Persian (Farsi) Contributors


In addition to the three language-specific versions of TechNet Wiki...

1. Portuguese (Brazil) -

2. Chinese (Simplified) -

3. Russian -

We also have many other languages represented on the main TNWiki. Find them listed by tag on this page.

These Spanish contributors are ranked by overall Wiki pages they've authored. Tie breakers go to the one with more edits. Leave comments below if I missed anyone, and I'll try to get them in a future version of this. Or leave a comment if I need to update the technologies, about info, or links.

Let's get started...


1. Ed Price

Ed Price - MSFT's avatar


About: Microsoft Employee, Customer Program Manager

TNWiki Articles: 48 (in Spanish)

Edits: 18,162 (in all languages)

Technologies: SQL Server, PowerPivot, Power View, SSAS, SSRS, TechNet Wiki, MSDN/TechNet Forums

Example: Notas de la versión de Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 (es-ES)


2. Normannp

Normannp's avatar



TNWiki Articles: 22

Edits: 57

Technologies: SQL Server, Windows Server

Example: Cluster-Aware Updating. Windows Server 2012. (es-ES).


3. LeoPonti

LeoPonti-MVP's avatar 


About: MVP, MCC, Microsoft Partner, MCITP, MCTS

TNWiki Articles: 15

Edits: 96

Technologies: Directory Services, Windows Server

Example: Promoviendo Domain Controller Windows Server 2012 en ADDS 2008R2 (es-ES)


4. Jose Mendez

José Mendez's avatar 


About: Senior Programmer

TNWiki Articles: 15

Edits: 36

Technologies: .NET, PHP

Example: Como usar Membership Provider para ASP.NET en aplicaciones WINFORM (es-ES)


5. Pablo Peralta

Pablo Peralta, MS MVP's avatar


About: MVP, Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 14

Edits: 20

Technologies: Dynamics CRM

Example: How to Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 (es-ES)


6. Rick Saling

Rick Saling - MSFT's avatar 


About: Microsoft Employee, Technical Writer

TNWiki Articles: 12 (in Spanish)

Edits: 218 (all languages)

Technologies: Windows Azure, Entity Framework, WCF, SQL Server

Example: Entity Framework FAQ Procedimientos Almacenados y Funciones (es-ES)


7. Pablo Fain

Pablo Fain's avatar  


About: Microsoft Partner, MCTS, in Argentina

TNWiki Articles: 10

Edits: 2

Technologies: Windows, Windows Server, SharePoint Server, Office 365, Exchange, Hyper-V,

Example: SharePoint 2010: Utilizando un panel de discusión como una herramienta de Help Desk (es-ES)


8. Jose de la Rosa Vidal

Jose de La Rosa Vidal's avatar


About: College Professor

TNWiki Articles: 7 (in Spanish)

Edits: 6

Technologies: Windows 7, Office, Visual Basic

Example: Visual /escribe modulo (es-ES)


9. Monica Rivera

Monica Rivera's avatar


About: Microsoft Employee, Tester

TNWiki Articles: 6

Edits: 24

Technologies: SQL Server

Example: Cómo incrustar SQL Server Express en una aplicación (es-ES)


10. Sergio Calderon

Sergio Calderón's avatar


About: MVP

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: 24

Technologies: Windows 8

Example: Guía de Moderación del Foro: Administrando hilos y mensajes: Marcando respuestas (es-ES)


11. Julio Bernal Andrada

Julio Bernal Andrada's avatar


About: Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: 1

Technologies: System Center

Example: SCCM - ConfigMgr - System Center Configuration Manager (es-ES)



Congratulations to you all! All of your contributions help make TechNet Wiki a success and help benefit the Spanish tech community. So thank you to all of our contributors!

Please leave a comment if I missed somebody or if a link is wrong, or if I should add info into the "About" or "Technologies" sections. Thanks!

Remember to keep the Wiki Community strong!

- Ninja Ed

Comments (14)

  1. Unfortunately, I made the top spot. But I'm not going to give it to you for free! You've got to earn it! =^)

  2. I even did not know that Ed could speak Spannish.. Great Work all !! Gracias..

  3. Naomi N says:

    So, you're speaking Spanish? Nice! How current this list is?

  4. I added a link to #8… The Persian/Farsi list.

    I know a little Spanish, and I got a lot of help editing and refining those articles.

    The lists are all current as of when they were published (Feb, 2013).

    We'll try to publish a new one for each language each year.


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