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Hello and welcome everybody to our Thursday - Community Win.

What do you think is the second important thing a ninja should have in his repertoire beside his knowledge? That is a difficult question. There can be very different answers to this question depending on who you ask. For me it is the editor which you can use to add or edit articles. Why the editor? For me it is the basic tool I should know how to handle, like for .NET developers Visual Studio (or maybe Notepad :-)).

Nearly two years ago Eric Battalio created an article which I saw today for the first time and I wished I had seen it earlier. Why? I have to admit that I had some problems in the beginning when I started writing my first articles. It was hard for me to insert a picture or some piece of code (that is the reason why you see it very rarely in my articles). What did I do as a web developer? I wrote the articles in HTML so I have full control on what will be presented to the reader. Is that foolish? Maybe a little bit. You can save some time (and I can confirm it from personal experience) not writing your entire article in HTML. But not everybody knows HTML? Of course. Most people are already using the editor, but knowing the tools is important. Why? It helps you to create nice looking article in less time. Erics article will help you with that.

As some last words I would like to thank Eric and all the ninjas who have contributed to this article. If you want to share the story how you write your articles (really in HTML or with the editor) or if you want that this article is always on the starting page of the wiki: just leave a comment to this post (and please tell me that I'm not the only one who has created articles in HTML :-)).

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)

Comments (7)

  1. Yes, reading that How to Edit article should be a requirement for all new Wiki contributors.

    Any Wiki Ninjas have ideas of how to make that closer to becoming a reality?

    Thanks Jan!

  2. Well, for one thing, we can feature it on the Home Page of TechNet Wiki. Maybe we can make it more prominent on the Getting Started page?

  3. Patris_70 says:


    I think is better, if you add a content portal for Wiki with other color.


  4. Patris,

    In a lot of ways the Getting Started article is the Wiki Portal:…/wiki-getting-started.aspx

    It's on the right side of the Wiki home page:

    Two questions… You think it should be one of the blue portal buttons? That might be hard deciding which to replace with it. And… How can we make that Getting Started page feature the How to Edit article better?

  5. Patris_70 says:


    Yes, I mean the blue portal buttons. I think, Getting Started page feature the How to Edit article is awesome, but we must think features about problems. For example, if Wiki team add a feature with a button that track article, when a user edit article and get problem, user can click button and report to Wiki team. Now, Wiki team know, which article has problem and what exactly happend.

    That is just a think.

  6. I have to admit I do most of my edits in the HTML editor. I think I even pasted my first article entirely into the HTML. I had my own table of contents, but I quickly replaced it with the built-in toc feature. I need to look into inserting images and some of the other features of the editor in the article you linked.

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