Wiki Life: Do I own the content that I post on TechNet Wiki?

Yes. Yes you do.


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  1. World's shortest blog post! Yayyyy!!!!!!

  2. Okay, as a bit of a joke, I'm going to post the real answer in the comments instead…

    Yes, you own your content. The terms of use work like other Microsoft social properties, like forums. You own your content, and you are granting Microsoft permission to use the content. So if it's content from a blog, you can repost it on the Wiki and still own your original content. Or if you're writing a book, you post part of it on the Wiki and still retain your copyrights. You can even encourage people to add to your section of the book or blog to make it more of a collaborative piece. Like if you blog about your top 10 favorite resources for System Center information, then you can turn that into a community list on TechNet Wiki.

  3. You can read an interesting example of Wiki content ownership in Peter Geelen's blog post, Wiki life: fight for your right to aaaaaau…author!:…/wiki-life-fight-for-your-right-to-aaaaaau-author.aspx

  4. Yagmoth555 says:

    lol ! love it.   but, to start a conversion longer than the blog post!! 😛 I must tell that if someday I want to erase a old revision of a image I posted on the wiki in case I forget to erase a private information, it seem an impossible task. (unless such request pass by the same way as for copyright infrigment for images in exemple)

  5. Yagmoth,

    Right. Don't do that. =^)

    The Council will evaluate those situations. We actually just ran into that today. If it's a worthy and legitimate scenario, we'll delete the article and then create a new version with the correct image.

  6. I think my thought process went something like this… Do you remember when Eric Battalio wrote short blog posts like this one:…/thanks.aspx

    Why can't I write short blog posts too?

    Wait, I can!!!

    …Something like that. =^)

  7. Yagmoth555 says:

    Ok!, It's good to know it exist a way ( I'am not into that situation, but it was my only consern over the ownership 🙂 )

  8. Yagmoth555 says:

    loll, and it's funny to see. When I received the email notification, my first reflex was to follow the article to see the content 🙂   I just typped too slow for my first comment, I started to type it after your first comment, so I didn't seen the actual content ! 😛

  9. Ha! Thanks Michael. At least it's the shortest. =^)

  10. You made me laugh. Eventually the contents even turned out to be enlightening, so good job!

  11. Margriet,

    Ah, the trick worked! But you probably would have read it anyway. I guess variety is a good thing. =^)

  12. I noticed about this post by tweet of @WikiNinjas.

    this full text fit within 140 characters beautifully!!

  13. Yottun,

    Ha! I supposed most of the tweet is the title! =^)

  14. Ed – best shortest post ever! Also, it was a thoughtful way to start the conversation on a worthy topic. Cheers. Craig

  15. Thanks Craig. Blogs are an interesting form of social media. Sometimes the comments really make a blog post far more interesting. So I've been wondering what a blog post looks like that is pretty much only comments.

  16. Waqas M says:

    Ed, this one reaaly the best shortest post possible

  17. Love it .. héhéh Ed your fantastic !! 🙂

  18. Thanks Gokan! I'm not fantastic. I'm just clever and brilliant. =^)

  19. Priscila Mayumi Sato says:

    haha, a good joke (but is true). Great!

  20. I guess fantastic means Clever and brilliant 🙂

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