The Perpetuum Mobile

The legend of the Perpetuum Mobile says that it’s possible to build a mechanism that causes everlasting movement. If you’re wondering how that would look, well, take a look at this picture taken from'sSelfFlowingFlask.png/250px-Boyle'sSelfFlowingFlask.png:

I’ve created a section in one of the Wiki pages I started called the SharePoint 2013 Best Practices page which is very much like a perpetuum mobile in the sense that I feel it should be in motion continuously. It’s a section containing a list of the top 10 SharePoint Blogs ( and the idea was that people would add and remove blogs during the Wiki page life cycle.

Now, this doesn’t work quite so well, as I find people are hesitant to add blogs, and if they do, it’s always their own (yes, I’m guilty of that too). What’s more, they don’t remove blogs from the list under any circumstance. And to top that, in the predecessor of this page, the SharePoint 2010 Best Practices page, somebody added a new blog section so now it says: “Top 10 SharePoint Blogs” followed by another section “Other SharePoint Blogs to Follow”. That’s when things get a little bit out of hand.

I still believe in the idea, and feel that a top 10 of SharePoint Blogs is a natural fit for a best practice page. On the other hand, this list needs to change frequently. Because of that, I decided to take matters in my own hands and started to keep track of a top 10 list of my favorite SharePoint blogs. The latest edition of this top 10 (at the time of writing) can be seen at: 

What I do is this:  I’m keeping an Excel file where I’m tracking a bunch of blogs, scoring each post I like and assigning it a number of points. At the end of each month, I publish the top 10. When I’ve done that, I replace the Blogs section in the SharePoint 2013 Best Practices page, reserving the 10th place for my own blog,  (hey, I’m only human).

It requires some effort, but I’m achieving constant motion and that was what I was after. I’m giving this concept a couple of months and see how it turns out.

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  1. Well you're presenting a nice wrench into the social wheel… If it's a Top 10 list, then that feels personal or official. And they don't want to mess with something personal or official (well most people don't; I'm game of course). =^)

    So without some sort of measurement as to which blogs qualify for the Top 10, the game's a bust. People will be afraid to break the official list or to remove good resources that shouldn't be removed (simply because it's not one of the Top 10).

    So what I suggest is a different strategy. Why not create an article that is the Top 10 SharePoint Blogs? Then you leverage the SharePoint community in the forums (are you a Mod?) with a Sticky thread, asking people regularly to vote on the Top 10 blogs. Maybe vote every 3 months or so (with a new quarterly sticky thread every three months). Then all the other SharePoint blogs would be listed alphabetically under the list. But the top 10 would be listed at the top, in order of votes. And then you can blog the results of the contest here, of course. =^)

    Man, I think I'm going to steal my idea and do it with SQL technologies.

  2. Yeah well, Ed, I don't think you are actually allowed to steal your own ideas. How about this: I steal your idea and you complain about that and I ignore your complaints about me stealing your idea. Sounds like a far better plan to me.

  3. Idea stealer! I'm talking to you, Ed Price – MSFT!

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