Weekend Surprise: How I got the MVP Award!

So this is my first weekend surprise sorry for the lack of links, they will come tomorrow morning!

It's one week left till the MVP Summit (celebrating 20 years with the MVP award) in Seattle and I wanted to share something with you.

We have the articles on the TechNet wiki on how to become MVPs or MCC. I wanted to share my story on how I got the MVP award.

When I started contributing to the community a few years ago I didn't know there was anything called MVPs, nor did I care. My goal was to learn more and to collaborate with others. A few years later I finished off creating my first training course and I needed someone to give me a review of it. I talke to my dear friend Steef-Jan and I jumped on a plane to The Netherlands and hosted the course for him and Ordina, so I could verify that my content was valid and accurate. It was appreciated and approved as being authentic. This was when the ball really started to roll. Nino Crudele wanted to throw together some event in Italy and asked for people to talk on twitter, this was when the BizTalk Crew was established, me, MVPs Steef-Jan, Nino Crudele, Sandro Pereira and Saravana Kumar. We did Italy and Norway the first year.

I also did some user group presentations, all of these events was to build network, get new friends and contribute to the community. Along side with all this I spent time on the forums, the wiki, my blog and the gallery. All to share and meet up with the community. Believe it or not but the biggest achievements I've gotten so far is when I meet people that have travelled to meet me or to see me talk. It warms my heart and shows that what I do matter for the community.

I'm a person that loves attention and to meet people, so speaking, blogging or speaking my mind is something I have to do to be happy. My wife can be a bit upset cause I tend to talk too much every now and then.

So what I really wanted to say is that I do love the recognition from Microsoft and to receive the MVP award, but the feedback from the community is worth so much more. My intentions was never to become an MVP but to get new friends learn more and share it, and I believe that's how you become an MVP, cherish and share with your community in any way you can. Plant the seeds, but never expect a harvest.

All the MVPs I've met are "down to earth" easy to bond and talk to, so don't let the title scare you off, they don't think higher of them self just because of the title!

I wish everyone a wonderful week and I'm looking forward to meet my friends, and to get new friends in Seattle next week.

Norwegian Ninja Tord (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)

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  1. Hezequias vasconcelos says:

    Congratulations Tord.

  2. Thanks I believe I forgot to mention I got it this year (January).

  3. Great Tord .. Hope you will be renewd for many years !! Gokan

  4. Tord, this is a good story of how you got it. You did a lot of in-person events and built relationships that are real. Congrats!

  5. thanks Ed! Yeah some of my best friends are from the community!

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