Community Win: Top 25 European SharePoint Community Influencers 2013 – The vote is finished

Hello everybody with Gokan here.

Every Wiki Ninja remember the post from Ed price, asking to vote Dmitry, Magriet and Gokan for the European SharePoint Community Influencers. A quick flashback:

Please vote here for our SharePoint Wiki Ninjas...

  • Gokan Ozcifci (Belgium)
  • Margriet Bruggeman (Netherlands)
  • Dmitry Plotnikov (Russia)

Did I miss anyone else? Thanks to Gokan, Margriet, and Dmitry for your contributions to our community and your SharePoint community influence in Europe!


Actually the vote is finished and the results are available on:

I do not like promoting myself, but this is an event that I have to talk about..


I got the most votes and I'm the first on this list. I want to thank ALL of yours. Specially Ed Price!!  Who wrote this blog post for us!!

Never without your help couldn’t I reach this score.

Thank you all:

  • TechNet Wiki contributors ( Ed Price )
  • members ( Hakan Uzuner )
  • SPCNL.NL members
  • Consultants of Vision Consulting group ( Michael Schouveller )
  • AMMA
  • My several clients
  • Friends


It’s a fantastic feeling.. THANKS AGAIN..



Turkish Ninja Gokan


twitter: @gokanozcifci

SharePoint Community Expert, MCC


Comments (11)

  1. Very good. Congratulations, Gokan! You deserve the honor!

  2. Hezequias Vasconcelos says:

    Congratulations Gokan, success.

  3. Congratulations Gokan, success.

  4. FZB says:


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