Friday International: You may be international, without thinking about it!

Welcome to our Friday with International Community Update.

First I want to say nice work to Gokan Ozcifci, Margriet Bruggeman, Dmitry Plotnikov for being nominated for top 25 community influencers! That is a great achievement, and in my eyes you guys are top 3! You can read Ed's Blog post here, and nominate our top 3 SharePoint gurus on the TechNet Wiki here.

So now over to what I wanted to spend some time to talk about, a "universal language"!

I'm lucky and get to travel a bit. And since Norwegian is my main language I'm limited to only speak it in Scandinavia ( Sweden, Denmark and Norway) other places in the world I'm forced to speak English, well I'm not forced I could speak Norwegian but the chance that anyone would understand me is slim outside Scandinavia.

So but what do I mean international language? It's the technical languages we speak. Chances are high that my C# code could be read my someone in India and my code was understood.

Like we see the articles here on TechNet Wiki! If you for the tag "Multi language Wiki Article" you can see all the original articles that's been translated into another language, if its French, Spanish, Norwegian or any other language. Some of the articles contain code but the code isn't translated, like in JavaScript the "Alert("Alert")" is going to be the same in any language, after all JavaScript is a "language".

Obviously I couldn't go into a store in Poland speaking C++ or HTML, they would look at me and think something like "what on earth is he talking about", then again inside the community where programming languages like Java or Pascal is still in use, and the origin of it is English and the predefined codes are the same no matter if the program is in Polish or Italian. So what am I saying. Your articles and specially those with code are universal, everyone benefits from it and what you have done is amazing.

Thank you all for being international (maybe) without knowing it!

Norwegian Ninja Tord (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)

Comments (2)

  1. Good idea. Let's start speaking C++ or HTML. I think too many of us would be in endless loops. =^)

    Thanks, Tord!

  2. I think I'm International after thinking about it. =^)

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