Community Win: Vote for Gokan, Margriet, and Dmitry – Top 25 SharePoint Community Influencers in Europe

Here's a random post for today's Community Win! It's a win when three of our Wiki Ninja contributors get nominated for awards like this!

Please vote here for our SharePoint Wiki Ninjas...

  • Gokan Ozcifci (Belgium)
  • Margriet Bruggeman (Netherlands)
  • Dmitry Plotnikov (Russia)

Did I miss anyone else?

Thanks to Gokan, Margriet, and Dmitry for your contributions to our community and your SharePoint community influence in Europe!

   - Ninja Ed


Comments (13)

  1. Thanks Jan! And let me know if I missed anyone!

  2. Voted, both are the best in my eyes! Great contributors!

  3. I want to Thank YOU a Billion Time Ed, but even that won't be enough!!!!

    Thanks so much Tord for your kind Words !!

  4. Hezequias Vasconcelos says:

    Hello Ed,

    It just shows how good the technology is and how much people love to work with Sharepoint.

    Good job to all the top 25.

  5. Thanks Yottun. I added Dmitry to the blog post!

  6. Thanks a lot, Ed. That's really sweet! But how did you know? Now, since you guys are backing me up here, if I don't get in the top 25 I can only blame myself!

  7. Margriet, I managed to squeeze the info out of Gokan, and I found your name there as well, because I know you're in Europe and a fantastic SharePoint contributor. Yottun also found Dmitry in that list! (Listing the folks by country made it harder for me to find people. I actually ran a search on that page to find you, Margriet.) So thanks to Yottun as well, for noticing Dmitry!

  8. Oh, and Zoltan mentioned to me via email that he also voted for you!

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