TNWiki Article Spotlight – First of 2013!!

Welcome to a new year at TechNet Wiki.


While most of us nurse a sore head or some still party through to a new dawn, or even the next night, work continued on TechNet Wiki.

As this article goes to post, the "New Pages" page does not show any new articles of 2013, but as I explore the "Updated Pages" feed, I find this to be wrong!

Listed below are the first articles of 2013 to be edited, improved, polished and nurtured - according to my time zone, the UK timeline, Greenwich Mean Time.


The first article highlighted this year was created at 1:48 AM - SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services Native mode configuration by VijayReports [MSFT]

This article reviews the steps that have to be completed for a Native mode SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) installation.

A useful resource if SSRS is installed separately from SQL Server database engine, or the option to setup but not configure is selected.


The next article to highlight is Windows Time Service by i.biswajith

This article was created by i.biswajith JUST at the end of 2012, at 11:43 PM - with just 17 minutes left (according to UK time, that is)

He then continued to tinker with it until the New Year, last saving in 2013 at 2:48 AM

This is a great collection of links and facts related to the Windows Time Service.


The next article to receive some love was DSQUERY Commands, again by i.biswajith

This is a great document, that Biswajit has been building for almost exactly two years, and has received a lot of love across the board.


The fourth article to get touched this year was an article that was highlighted in this week's Top Contributors awards - Windows Trust, Migration, AGUDLP & ADMT 

This article was once again collated by i.biswajith from various sources, and was tidied this year by Wiki Ninja Richard Mueller


Next to be fiddled with in 2013 was Office 365 knowledge base library (en-US) by MS2065 [MSFT] 

This is a portal for all things related to Office 365, and looks to be a grower.

Definitely worth a bookmark, if you have seen the light and 365'd your life.


After that we received some additional goodness to Service Bus for Windows Server Resources by

This is shaping into a great collection of resources for information on Windows Server's Service Bus.

This year, Michael added a link to the Tools section


Finally, the last article to be updated as of this time of posting (10 PM) was Mapeando Unidades de Rede com PowerShell by Wiki legend Luiz Henrique Lima Campos

This short article shows how to map a network drive with powershell. It first arrived just before the New Year, with just a few hours to spare. Then Luiz continued to adjust it, right up through into the New Year (from a UK point of view)


Once again, these articles were probably ALL edited in a different time zone to GMT, but we have to draw a line somewhere.


So there it is. Congratulations and deep brotherly wiki-love to all above, for their time and energy over these first few hours of a new year.


Here's hoping the content keeps on coming, and the edits keep on improving what is by far the most useful collection of technical facts and Microsoft wizardry.




Best regards,
Pete Laker


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  1. VijayReports says:

    Thanks for the pleasant surprise this new year 🙂 A very happy New Year to all. Wiki on 🙂

  2. Thanks everyone for ringing in the new year with us!

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    Hi everybody, welcome to our TNWiki Article Spotlight.
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