Community Win: The Steps of Contributing on TechNet Wiki

The end of the year is typically the period of rest and evaluation.

The first could be the case of TechNet Wiki, if we could not talk about hundreds of new articles, created in December only... 🙂

I myself have contributed to Wiki since January of this year. It was a great year for (and with) the TechNet Wiki and I think thousands share this opinion with me. Jan already shared the figures with us in the previous post, so I would like to write about how it happens.

The most basic thing, as someone may contact TechNet Wiki is finding an article and reading it. I think it happened to most of you already (to me as well, however I couldn't recall when).

Then some of these people find themselves at the second step, to start commenting on articles, but they soon find out that there is a better way to improve the content than commenting, once they can edit it as well.

Then they press the Edit button, and start correcting typos, and they just arrived to the third step.

From this point, what happens can be different: they begin to upload content to stub articles, or they create brand new articles. They add more comments, tags and content to existing articles, and even begin to keep an eye on others' articles with the help of RSS feeds - to further enhance the quality of the articles, or to find and mark spam articles.

The important thing about these in common is that they can experience the joy and fun of sharing knowledge.

Well, something similar happened this year to me as well - I only can encourage you to take the next step on TechNet Wiki!

Thanks for all your contribution and efforts so far, and I wish you a Happy 2013!

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  1. Thanks Zoltan! I hope people take this advice!

  2. says:

    Knowledge Sharing is, after all, what Wikis are all about!  Great advice – I think there are a lot of smart techies out there that have plenty to share with the rest of us..I hope more people will join in the spirit of sharing and break out some mad wiki skills on TechNet!

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