Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams, starring Kevin Costner, is one of my favorite movies of all times. It only gets a rating of 7.5 at IMDB ( It’s not that bad a score, since you need to have at least 8.0 to get in the top 250. But still, people saying that movies like Harry Potter, the Artist, and Hotel Rwanda are better, what were they thinking?

In Dutch, there’s a word called heimwee , derived from the German language, which can be translated to “missing home”. Field of Dreams is a beautiful and delicate movie about the opposite of heimwee: to me it’s about missing something you never knew. Since we’re allowed to borrow from German, I even have a word for this: fernwee.

I’m bringing this up because the catch phrase of this movie is: “Build it, and they will come”. Here’s the thing: I’m gradually extending the Performance section of the SharePoint 2013 Best Practices page at, and to do this I’ve built two SharePoint Ping tools that are limited in functionality: they authenticate, request a SharePoint page, and report back how long it took them. I created them because they are part of a bigger plan, which I’ll probably write about later.

Here’s the thing, I’ve built the tools, but nobody is coming!!! So, I could use some help and community love for these tools:

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  1. Gave them some love.

    More importantly, if we help build out the Wiki article, do we get to play baseball with ghosts late at night in the dark?

    Because that will be fun and not scary for some reason.

  2. By the way, your SharePoint contributions are amazing. You build us stuff and write us stuff. That's a lot of stuff!

  3. In the Netherlands baseball isn't that popular, so I haven't played it that much. Ghosts are not that popular either, so the combination of playing baseball with ghosts has not yet happened to me!

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