BizTalk community members meet during the BizTalk Summit 2012

This week a BizTalk Summit was held at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond. The event was organized by the Microsoft BizTalk Server Product Group. During the summit the upcoming BizTalk Server 2013 was on the spotlights. Some of the BizTalk community members and Microsoft employees that have contributed BizTalk related articles for the TechNet Wiki met each other face to face. Me, Tord G. Nordahl, Mandi Anez Ohlinger, Nitin Mehrotra, Michael Stephenson, Mick Badran and Saravana Kumar met each and shared our experiences with the TechNet Wiki.

During the event I had some lengthy discussion with Mandi about the TechNet Wiki and the BizTalk related articles. In the future we will collaborate more intensely as we shared some ideas for future articles. I also had to the chance to have some discussion with Nithin about the Wiki. His perspective on the Wiki is that it is a powerful platform. Both Nithin and Mandi were impressed by the numbers of articles that have been pushed out on BizTalk Server by the community.

It was a very successful event. For me and others that collaborate on the TechNet Wiki it was a great experience to meet each other face to face. The discussions were very useful and we all look forward to continue our efforts to produce more exciting new BizTalk articles coming year 2013.

- Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)




Comments (3)

  1. It sure was a blast! Looking forward  for the next one…

  2. Dan Rosanova says:

    Wish I could have been there.  We should photoshop me into some pictures.

  3. This is aweseome to use these events to discuss wiki collaboration ideas!

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