Top Contributors (E-Book Gallery, Windows Root Certificate, SharePoint 2013, OData, Kerberos)

Welcome to another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week (Sat-Fri)

Firstly, here is the usual weekly leader board:

Well done all. Thank you for your time and knowledge.


Now for the usual awards...


Most Revisions Award  
Who has made the most individual revisions


Straight in at #1 this week is Susan S. Bradley - MSFT with an excellent 53 revisions over 14 articles!!

Second place is Fernando Lugão Veltem with another great performance of 47 revisions over 21 articles!

New in at three is Luiz Henrique Lima Campos 44 revisions over 35 articles!

Other "major players" with 20+ revisions this week were (highest first) Bjoern H Rapp, Richard Mueller, Tom Albertson MSFT, Luigi Bruno, Hezequias Vasconcelos & yottun8 - thank you all!


Most Articles Updated Award  
Who has updated the most articles


The winner this week is Luiz Henrique Lima Campos, with 35 updated articles!!

Second is Fernando Lugão Veltem, with 28 updated articles!

For the second week running Tom Albertson MSFT is in third, with 14 updated articles!


Most Updated Article Award  
Largest amount of updated content in a single article


The largest change to a document this week was E-Book Gallery for Microsoft Technologies by Monica Rush. Well worth a look, this is a very impressive article.


Longest Article Award  
Biggest article updated this week


The biggest (longest) documents to receive significant changes this week is Windows Root Certificate Program - Members List (All CAs), originally published and recently updated by Tom Albertson MSFT


Most Revised Article Award  
Article with the most revisions in a week


The Article to receive the most revisions in just one week is SharePoint 2013 - Access Services, originally published by Craig Lussier.

It received 27 revisions from Bjoern H Rapp.


Smallest Significant Edit Award  
Size isn't everything! Every edit counts.


This week's tiniest change is by someone who is otherwise missing from this week's awards, Ed Price - MSFT

The change is however a useful one. He added en-US to an english document's TAGs (not the title)

en-US, OData, WCF Clients

This is something that has been mentioned before, and still needs to be done to many thousands of English language documents.


Quickest Helping Hand 
Correcting each-other's work is what TNWiki is all about.  


This award celebrates the act of collaboration, and highlights the fastest update of another's work.

This week's fastest updated article was "Configure Kerberos Forest Search Order (KFSO) topic on TechNet" - by blogswikiadm just FOUR minutes after Serhad MAKBULOGLU the previous and original author, who himself comes in second, having updated the very same article, just 5 minutes after blogswikiadm



Congratulations to all above for more great wiki-work this week. 


Thanks for reading again this week!


Best regards,
Pete Laker

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  1. this is good, this is very good, it's a great community Wiki !!!

  2. Pete, this is great to bring visibility to such a variety of contributions!

    For example, Bryan Franz (Microsoft content PM in the Data Platform group) added several new books this week to the e-books wiki article:…/compare.aspx

  3. Anonymous says:

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