TechNet Wiki Widget hits 1,000 downloads!

I am very pleased to announce that the TechNet Wiki Widget for Windows 8 has just hit the 1,000 download mark!


As I write this, I am looking at 1,001 downloads, for the first two months it has been released.

Considering that the Wiki Widget is specifically designed for use with TechNet Wiki, it is very pleasing for all of us that the widget has proved so popular.


Unfortunately, although many have installed the Windows 8 app, not many people go back to rate an app once installed.


Shortly after release a small bug meant the app was crashing on startup, and it took a week for the approval process to release my update. This caused a few of low ratings while I waited for the patch to get released, which has caused 4 rating.


I've only had two ratings in the last 30 days since the bug was patched (both 5 stars, yey) - so if any readers have Windows 8, please download the Widget and give it your mark of approval and a short review, if you have the time.


Thank you sincerely, for anyone who has already downloaded the Widget.


If you are planning a Windows 8 Surface or phone purchase this Christmas, or an operating system upgrade, or dual-boot, please grab a copy of our Widget and help support us.


Best regards,
Pete Laker

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  1. Congratulations Pete ! Way to go…

  2. How is the Wiki Widget doing? Time for an update article?


  3. What's it up to now?

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