Community Win: What Is It Worth

Hello and welcome everybody to our Thursday - Community Win.

Before I start with the actual post I would like to do another thing (because of today's holiday):

I whish you all a happy St. Nicholas Day!

On this blog we have covered why it is worth it to write an article on the TechNet Wiki several times. Today I want to examine another point which should not be unmentioned - the recognition to you through the TechNet Wiki Recognition system.

I heard from many contributors that they wonder why such points as "The article has achieved its 15 minutes of fame. Congratulations!" appear in their activity list. Among others the mentioned article gives you an overview why you receive such a message and what other activities could appear in the future.

Back in March Eric Battalio started an article called "What Is It Worth? Details on TechNet Wiki Recognition". In contrast to some blog posts here on the Wiki Ninjas blog about why you should contribute to the TechNet Wiki Eric shows another point of interest why to contribute. On point is the receipt of activity points to your profile. Another one is earning achievements. He lists for what you receive points and achievements.

If you ever had the feeling/question "What's this in my activity timeline?" or "For what did I earn 3 points?" you should check out this article.

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)


Comments (3)

  1. Happy St. Nicholas Day!

  2. Speaking of achievements, I have a gold medal called "Wiki Ninja"! I am a ninja!!! The TechNet profile system confirms it!!!! =^)

    Thanks Jan!

  3. Happy St. Nicholas Day to you too

    PS: Did you know thath the St. Nicholas Day was born on old Turkish Territory.. ? 🙂

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