TNWiki Article Spotlight : Create Your Own Custom TechNet Guide

This week I would like to highlight a new, small, but very useful article by Dan Bernhardt [MSFT]1, which explains and links for information on moulding information from the TechNet Library into whatever form you need it to be.


Create Your Own Custom TechNet Guide


This little article shows how you can string together parts of TechNet library to form your own customised help topics for printing.


This is an amazingly powerful tool that I thought needed an extra highlight, as it will come in handy for many reasons.


Screenshot of Add This Topic button in toolbar
Screenshot of Right-click menu on a link
Screenshot of Right-click menu on a toc link
Add articles or topics to your collection:

  • A -Use the toolbar to add pages to your collection as you visit them.
  • B -Or use right-click on links to add the linked page to the collection.
  • C -Or add all the topics under a link ("Add This Set of Topics") in the table of contents on the left navigational bar.



Thanks to Dan for the article, cross-linking us back to such a useful feature of the TechNet library is what this eco-system is all about.


Pete Laker

Comments (6)

  1. Good! I didn't know this feature. Thanks!

  2. Didn't know that. Very useful 😀

  3. Simple for use, I already customised my page 🙂

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