New BizTalk Beta Release – BizTalk 2013

Beta of the forthcoming new BizTalk Server has been released. The beta also brought forth a new name for the new BizTalk release. It will be named 2013. This is in my view the appropriate name for the release. The release will be in somewhere in Q1. It has new features and capabilities to offer. 

BizTalk Server 2013 aligns with the new Windows Platform (Windows Server 2012, SQL Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012). It will be a new full release of the product and not as the previous name BizTalk Server 2010 R2 indicated an update.

The most remarkable new features are the new BizTalk adapters. These adapters are:

  • SB-Messaging
  • SFTP
  • WCF-BasicHttpRelay
  • WCF-TcpNetRelay
  • WCF-WebHttp

Through the BizTalk Server 2013: New adapters Wiki article you will find more information on each of the adapters.

With the new upcoming release of BizTalk Server the number of BizTalk related articles on the TechNet Wiki will certainly rise. The beta can be downloaded now and you can build your own virtual machine with it or you provision an instance through Windows Azure Virtual Machines. The documentation can be found through MSDN.

- Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)



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  1. Steef-Jan, the link for "BizTalk Server 2013" goes to Tord's BizTalk Server 2010 R2 article. Is it supposed to link to somewhere else?


  2. Ed, that is true, however the name of the article should be changed as the features and capabilities named in the article apply now to BizTalk 2013.

  3. Mohammad Faridi says:

    Steef-Jan, the link doesn't work correctly, it's going to the editor page, but one can get the link from it. (…/details.aspx)

    Thanks for the information

  4. Thanks I corrected the links.

  5. shiva says:

    The information in your blog is very informative. Keep up the good work….!!

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