Monday Interview with MVP Marcelo Sincic

Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Interview. I'm Fernando Veltem and is my pleasure to present the Wiki Ninja Marcelo Sincic.


I met Marcelo this year on MVP Open Day here in Brazil, he is a great person and very passionate about his work and Microsoft.  Now let's get to it: 

Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?
My name is Marcelo Sincic, working with computers since 1987 when at age 16 joined a company as a typist and 3 months later I was promoted to programmer at the time Autunm 86 Clipper, dBase II and Fox Pro Since then I never stopped working with computer. Worked focused on development and database until 2003 when I started working with monitoring tools such as Microsoft SMS (current SCCM) and MOM (current SCOM). This migration happened because of the lack of professional monitoring tools, since you need a broad knowledge of products. Gradually pulled away and development work today focused on infrastructure with specialization in System Center and virtualization environment with high availability and redundancy.

How did you become an MVP? Do you have any suggestions for other community members who hope to eventually become a MVP?
Until 2009 I did not believe in the concept of community. As MCT had much contact with many professionals and not felt the need to share knowledge outside the classroom. However, it was already known to the folks at Microsoft have so far participated in TechEd and PDC's 2005/2007/2008 2005. I decided to create a blog as a repository of personal knowledge, but the audience began to appear, I was invited to record some training videos for the community, attend events and receive many emails with questions and requests for topics. In 2010 I was named MVP Management Infrastructure that has ceased to exist with System Center 2012 and am now MVP Windows IT Pro Expert.
What I would say to those who want to be MVP is worrying about the quality of what they do. Today I see many professionals concerned with the amount of contributions, events and relationships without worrying about the quality of what is being passed. MVPs are well respected in the area in which they operate and have the title, so you need to create quality content to be considered a documentation and references that subject matter. And of course, have a lot of passion for what you do!!

How did you get introduced to TechNet WIki? And what was your first collaboration?
I met the Wiki when he was starting at a meeting of MVPs, was still experimental and not know it would be alright, so we used little in the beginning. My first contribution was when Yuri Diogenes came to Brazil and encouraged us to use the platform to spread their use, besides the encouragement of Luciano Lima. The first 6 articles that were put in wiki reissues of the most read posts on my blog and to my surprise, a few days after one of the posts that I put on the wiki about Green IT with SCCM 2007 R3 was commented on the blog of System Center product team as a reference for configuration and resource utilization. Since then I publish the best articles on the Wiki I have and participate in projects with articles advertising agency when launching new products.

Besides your work on TechNet Wiki, where do you contribute?
I contribute on my personal blog ( and Microsoft projects where as MVA already attended six training and are over 2 "in the oven".

What are your big projects right now?
Currently assembling a wide range of training MVA with 3 other MVPs.

What is it about TechNet Wiki That interests you?
The possibility of having updates, additions and dissemination by other users of the Wiki. In my blog and other media when I update an article not republican because of the timeline, but the Wiki allows the item to be updated often with significant additions in content, which causes the system's timeline platform disclose the update creating a new wave reading. Furthermore, the system comprises Wiki SEO (search engines) which place the article on top of research, ensuring visibility of the articles.

On what articles have you collaborated with other community members on #TNWiki? What was that experience like?
Yes, to create with the advertising agency Portal MIVP interact with other professionals who were creating contents on other issues. This collaboration allowed the portal content contained an extensive and useful to practitioners.

What are your favorite articles you’ve contributed?
It is not an article, but the portal where MIVP helps with line articles about System Center 2012, which made ??me study hard and create articles with 8 to 15 pages!

Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?
The visibility of the articles. We do not contributions by financial gain, since we are not paid, but the pleasure of knowing that someone knows him by his technical knowledge and read what we publish as a reference for your work. Receive an email where someone thanks for what we post and that solved a problem he had and took his sleep is a pleasure.

You’ve done fairly well on the Wiki. Do you have any tips or recommendations about editing or authoring articles?
My main tip is to write relevant articles, do the Wiki becomes a reference for professionals. Set an issue you want to address and do just a collection of screen prints, explain why each option, describe a scenario.
In the matter of editing, understand first what the writer was trying to convey and add this line to stay focused. If the change you wish to substantially alter the line taken by the creator of the article, make a new article with your scenario and make a link to the original article.



Thank you Marcelo for the interview

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  1. Marcelo, you have a great profile image! Also, that's a great point about focusing on quality more than quantity.


  2. Hahah, I loved your profile image Marcelo

  3. Nice to meet you Marcelo!


  4. Marcelo,

    Would you like to be a member of the Advisory Board? You would join Tomoaki in the Windows IT Pro area:…/2495.technet-wiki-advisory-board.aspx


  5. Monday Interview with MVP Marcelo Sincic
    thank you for the interview

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    Ola comunidade Wiki, hoje é o dia de Segunda feira entrevista com o Wiki Ninja.

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