Top Contributors of the Week (SharePoint 2010, Operations Manager Dashboard, PowerShell, UE-V, Web API)

Welcome to another analysis of contributions to TechNet Wiki over the last week (Sat-Fri)

Firstly, the screenshot of this week's leader board:

TechNet Ninja yottun8 has dropped in the charts this week, however we had a special contribution from him at the end of last week, highlighted by Ed:

Stack Ranking the Languages on TechNet Wiki

An awesome set of stats, for which we are very grateful for...

... and worthy of a special Ninja of the Week award!

Congratulations and thanks again to yottun8.


Now, on with the usual awards...


Most Revisions Award  
Who has made the most individual revisions


The person that has saved the most revisions across all their week's article updates is Fernando Lugão Veltem with an outstanding 50 revisions

Second is Ed Price - MSFT just behind with 43 revisions.

Richard Mueller is a new entry at 3 with 38 revisions.

Serhad MAKBULOGLU has made some nice updates this week, but also some wrong changes, so was disqualified 🙁  - sorry Serhad, read below.


Most Articles Updated Award  
Who has updated the most articles


The busiest bee this week is Fernando Lugão Veltem, with an awe-inspiring, 50 updated articles

Second is Ed Price - MSFT, just behind with an impressive 43 updated articles

Richard Mueller is as above, in third with 17 updates articles

So that's one update per article from Fernando and Ed, master Ninja tweakers.

Serhad was very sadly disqualified this week, for wrongly adding (en US) to titles - we DO NOT add (en-US) to TITLES 🙁

It just makes work, as other wiki guardians (or the original author) are following behind removing them again :/


Most Updated Article Award  
Largest amount of updated content in a single article


The document that has seen the largest amount of upheaval this week is SharePoint 2010: The HTML Web Part by Ed Price - MSFT

An incredible document, with much goodness. 

I found this article of particular personal interest, thanks Ed.


Longest Article Award  
Biggest article updated this week


The biggest (longest) document to receive significant changes this week is Creating a Widget for Operations Manager Dashboard - Walkthrough #1 - Custom UI Control

Just take a look at this one! It has a page of information even before the TOC.

Then WHAT A table of contents it is!!

This is a unique document that is an example of just how good TechNet Wiki is.

Congratulations and thanks go to Brian Wren (Microsoft) for his dedication to excellence.

And thanks to Richard Mueller for his update that bought it to our attention!


Highest Revision Award  
Article with the highest revision number


This week's most fiddled with article is again Windows PowerShell Survival Guide (en-US) with 430 revisions! (+2 from last week)

This is a monster document, a veritable tome of knowledge, that has grown over nearly 3 years!

Congratulations go to tonysoper_MSFT for giving birth to such a popular and loved article!


Most Edited Article Award  
Article with most revisers


The document revised by the most people is AGAIN Sysprep no Windows Server 2012 e Windows 8 (pt-BR)

It was edited by FOUR musketeers this week:

Serhad MAKBULOGLU, Caio Vilas Boas, Fernando Lugão Veltem & Luciano Lima [MVP] Brazil


Smallest Significant Edit Award  
Size isn't everything! Every edit counts.


This week's tiniest tweaker is Jeff Patterson - MSFT for his very note-worthy tweak to List of UE-V Knowledge Base Articles

His tweak? Adding "not"

2769570 - UE-V does not update the theme on RDS or VDI sessions

A tiny but vital tweak, I'm sure you'll agree! XD


Quickest Helping Hand 
Correcting each-other's work is what TNWiki is all about.  


This award celebrates the act of collaboration, and highlights the fastest update of another's work.

This week's fastest updated article was Usando parametros OData na Web API (pt-BR) - 19 minutes after the previous author.

This was a WIN for Serhad MAKBULOGLU who CORRECTLY added the language tag (pt-BR) to the title:

Usando IQueryable na Web API (br-BR)



Congratulations to all this week's awardees!

Have a good weekend and a great week at work, whatever the weather 😉

See you next week!


Best regards,
Pete Laker

Comments (8)

  1. Awesome! And I want to say to Serhard that your contributions are greatly appreciated! While what Peter said is right (we do not add "(en-US)" to article titles), we would still greatly appreciate your help adding "en-US" to the approximate 6,000 English articles that don't have them yet. Plus there are many more tweaks and improvements needed like cross-linking articles, adding articles to the portals, or adding tags. All of these tweaks make it easier to access the articles.

  2. Ninja of the Week Award !?  It's amazing!


  3. Ed, Where is the wrong 🙁 What wrong changes!

  4. Serhad, this is regarding just adding "(en-US)" to the title. See my article above about why we don't do that. However, we still add "en-US" as a tag to the English articles. Thank you for all your great contributions!

  5. It is very fortunate that removing (en-US) from the title, or adding it, does not break any links to the article.

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