Community Win: An Old Page With Tons of Updates in a Year

Hello everyone, welcome to the Community Win series again!

Today I would like to reintroduce the Wiki: Technologies Portal (which was created quite long ago), and show you what happened with that since last 22nd November 2011 - basically, in a year.

Let's start with the revisions. There were 100 (!) of them on this page:

The editors, in the order of the count of edits:

Namely: Ed Price - MSFT, Freek Berson, Craig Lussier, Ankit Matta, Bart Timmermans-, Don - tesgroup, klaas j.m. langhout, Sivakumar V, Kumar Vivek, Luigi Bruno, Amit Khare - Project Management Consultant, Christa Anderson, Hani Khoshdel-Nikkhoo, NinoRCTN, Pankaj Pande, pmdci, Steef-Jan Wiggers, BradSevertson, CLIENT FRANK A GECHO, Fernando Lugão Veltem, Gary Ericson - MSFT, Grigori Melnik MSFT, Henrik Walther, ILYA [ sie ] Sazonov, Jean-Paul Smit, Joe Davies, Jonathan Gao, Konrad Sagala, LeoPonti-MVP, luisefigueroa, Margriet Bruggeman, Michael Stephenson UK, Monica Rivera, Nevin Janzen, Ning Kuang, Peter Geelen - MSFT, Rick Saling - MSFT, Robert Silver [MCM], Sandro Pereira, Slye.Gazl, Sonia Atchison, stayros babis, Tord G.Nordahl, and Trana010!

45 Wiki Ninjas contributed to this article - and this is only the last 12 months!

Apart from the revision comments, additional 15 article comments arrived in one year - just take a look on the last two of them:

Very heartening, isn't it?

So, thanks for everyone for contributing to this article, helping Wiki Readers to find relevant pages quickly!


Comments (5)

  1. Wiki: Technologies Portal – One of the best initiatives indeed.

  2. Pete Laker says:

    Yey, community win for sure!

    Love the stats Zoli 😀

  3. Wow!!! Did you count up my/our contributions and make a sweet looking chart for us????

    Thank you, Zoli!

    Bring it on, everyone! Let's see if you can get to my 17 edits! (And hope that I don't do more in the meantime!) Mwahahahaha!

  4. Oh, and I created that portal back on March 8th, 2010. I had this idea, with Gerard Boyer, that the Wiki would feature a few topical TOCs called "Portals", and that these portals, especially the one that sorts by products (i.e. this one that Zoltan mentioned), would be the anchor allowing someone to browse the Wiki without having to search or click on tags (in other words, a different way to navigate for people who just want a table of contents). What a crazy concept! =^)

    I was mostly inspired by this because I did a "listening tour" about TechNet Wiki and what concerns and questions people had. A lot of people had concerns that there was no hierarchical table of contents on the side (like what you get in Help or an online Library). So the portals would act as our TOCs. Say, it helps to ask people questions and then listen to their answers. =^)

  5. Congrats to all 45 wiki ninjas 🙂 Your efforts to make the community better are really appreciated

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