Friday with International Community Update – The Return of TechNet Wiki Day


 The TechNet Wiki Day Brazil is a project that promotes the TechNet Wiki portal in Brazil, a month is chosen the best Brazilian articles published on TechNet Wiki on Facebook -> TechNet Wiki and vote for best article wins a prize.

    The idea for the project comes from influencers Gustavo Santos, Luiz Henrique Lima Campos, Thiago Cardoso Luiz .

     We do a survey of all articles posted on Wiki in Portuguese Brazil in the last few weeks and among these articles is made ??a choice of 5 items, made ??by: Yuri Diogenes, Luciano Lima, Luiz Henrique Lima Campos, Gustavo Santos, Thiago Luiz Cardoso, the 5 items go to vote on Facebook where the most voted by the community takes the prize.

   Below is the list, and award winning articles TechNet Wiki day.

List items, awards and winners TechNet Wiki Day

1nd Week -  UNION x UNION ALL (pt-BR)      - Fredy Esmeraldo - Awards: Book Training Kit Microsoft 70-640

2nd Week - Bloqueando Programas indesejados com Applocker (pt-BR)   (pt-BR) - Valmor Lima - Award: Mug Microsoft

3rd week - Implementando Data Deduplication no Windows Server 8 (pt-BR)  (pt-BR) - Daniel Donda - Award: Mug Microsoft

4th week - Disclosure 20 November 2012 - Awards - MICROSOFT EXCHANGE SERVER 2010 – Guia de Bolso do Administrador.

So if you are Brazilian, collaborates with the Portal, you can write your article in the running for this award.

Soon we hope to bring the project to all the countries, so that all those who contributed to the TechNet Wiki can also participate.

A hug to all and hope your contribution.

To find out more about the project:

Twitter: @tnwikiday
Facebook: TechNet wiki Day

@WikiNinjas @WikiNinjas_BR

Luiz Henrique Lima Campos
Moderador no Microsoft Answers e TechNet Forums e Membro do TechNet Wiki Community Council
Visite o meu blog:
Me siga no twitter: @luizlima

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  1. Great project Luiz, Congratulations

  2. Yes and a big project that will continue for several weeks….

  3. Thanks for starting this back up! It's a great idea!

  4. Ahsan Kabir says:

    It's truly nice task, thanks for initiate the job.

  5. They should to the same "days" at belgium to .. 🙁

  6. As I posted on Technet Wiki Day Facebook's page, I really support and enjoy this project! Hope to win this Exchange book 🙂

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