Impact of WikiNinjas on Twitter

This post was supposed to be a reflection on the importance of social networks. But while thinking about what to write, i thought... i would first do an analysis of what we have today. 

Tord published a post 'Who is the community'. He has categorized three types the different people in the community (Contributors, Commenters, Readers). 

But in addition to this classification, there are those who share or do not share the articles of TechNetWiki. 

We are 3.400 contributors on TechNet Wiki. 
If each contributor shared 1 tweet per day. 
We would average 408.000 people reading some information on the TechNet Wiki. 

In 2011, the average person had 120 followers, in Brazil the average was 231. 

We have spoken of the importance of using social networks such as TechNet Wiki has the phenomenon. We also talked about the YouTube + TechNet Wiki. 

But it is possible to measure the impact of a publication shared in social networks? YES! 
In February I wrote an article for my blog (Why contribute to the TechNet Wiki?) Where i showed that during 20 days of monitoring the TechNet articles were viewed 75% more than in relation to my blog. 
This shows that on the platform based on my data I reach 75% more people. 
I have no way of knowing exactly where it comes from these 75%, but i know that much has been sharing on twitter.

To show the impact of the use of Twitter i did a review of @wikininjas and @wikininjas_br.

Today, a tweet from @ WikiNinjas generates a direct impact of 251 people (followers).
The impact generates a @ wikininjas_br 282 people (followers).
But if this tweet is sharer by these followers, the impact is giant.

See the images below the report generated by TweetReach on twitter: @wikininjas and @wikininjas_br.
Where the @ wikininjas reached via the retweet 10 people, reached 9.791 others.
And @wikininjas_br 2.371 others people, with 7 retweets. 





 In all interactions with both twitter, most are on shared links.  Wow, that makes sense! ^^ And comparing the two ... @ wikininjas_br has more tweets.



When i searched the word "TechNet Wiki" on twitter using the search period for a month, got the proof we use very little tool.

In one month, only 48 people used the keyword 'TechNet Wiki'.



In this post, i only spoke of the impact of a publication on twitter. But imagine the impact if even on facebook and all our contributors to share their articles and articles from other contributors!

 Ana Paula de Almeida 
TechNet Profile | | @anapdealmeida
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  1. I love the charts! Thanks to Peter Geelen for picking up the English Twitter account for us!

    Ana, I added links to the two WikiNinjas accounts, because I had to go find them. =^)


  2. Pete Laker says:

    Nicely put, Ninja Ana!

  3. Great work Ana,


  4. Ana THIS is just fantastic !


    very nice, great work! love it!

  6. This is great! nice work 🙂

  7. Congratulations to all Wiki Ninjas!

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