Change of Mind

I find that a new version of a software product or a breakthrough in technology can change perspective on things tremendously. That’s the time when everybody starts pointing out what was wrong with the old technology. For example:

  • Until ASP.NET I wasn’t aware how LiveWire and ASP technology leads to spaghetti code.
  • When the first version of Java was released, I learned that multiple inheritance was an evil thing.
  • SharePoint 2003 made clear what a pain the Web Storage System (WSS) of the 2001 version was (well, I kinda found out about that on my own).
  • After the rise of XML, you had to wonder how we’d ever lived without it, how we had ever represented arbitrary data structures.
  • Web services showed that inter process communication can be done, in a way that technologies like CORBA and DCOM hadn’t done before.
  • Parallel programming showed how difficult it was to do multi-threaded programming.
  • Linq demonstrated how cumbersome it was to interact with collections before that.

The same thing has happened after the SharePoint 2013 beta has been released. Now it has become clear that sandboxed solutions, after just being introduced in the previous release, SharePoint 2010, are obsolete. So today, I want to put the spotlight on a Wiki article that explains this change of mind:

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  1. Great blog post! Just enough information to make me curious to check out the article. =^)


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