TechNet Wiki Language Challenge: What languages have the most articles? Is it Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Spanish, Farsi, Chinese, or Russian?

I'm late for our Friday International Update.

But, It's a good question... Which language has the most articles? 


Chinese (Simplified) - 63 Articles (17 on TNWiki & 46 on the Chinese Wiki)

Chinese (Traditional) - 36 Articles

Czech - 1 Article

Danish - 1 Article

English (US) - 2,826 Articles using the en-US tag (closer to 8K articles total)

Finnish - 1 Article

French - 102 Articles

German - 105 Articles

Greek - 4 Articles

Italian - 105 Articles

Farsi (Persian) - 111 Articles

Georgian - 1 Article

Hungarian - 37 Articles

Indonesian - 91 Articles

Japanese - 127 Articles

Korean - 8 Articles

Norwegian - 43 Articles

Polish - 17 Articles

Portuguese (Brazil) - 3,724 Articles (3,088 on TNWiki & 636 on the Portuguese Wiki)

Portuguese (Portugal) - 3 Articles

Romanian - 4 Articles

Russian - 157 Articles (65 on TNWiki & 92 on the Russian Wiki)

Thai - 59 Articles

Turkish - 240 Articles

Spanish - 133 Articles

Swedish - 2 Articles

Vietnamese - 21 Articles


This page acts as a TOC of the different languages on TNWiki: Wiki: Non-English Languages

Currently the top non-English languages are in this order:

  1. Portuguese - 3,724 Articles (3,088 on TNWiki & 636 on the Portuguese Wiki)
  2. Turkish - 240 Articles
  3. Russian - 157 Articles (65 on TNWiki & 92 on the Russian Wiki)
  4. Spanish - 133 Articles
  5. Japanese - 127 Articles

Thanks to everyone in the international community! Keep it up!

   - Ninja Ed


Comments (13)

  1. Yagmoth555 says:

    Good stat !  I'am happy to see the french's section that big 🙂  I just hope that the Portuguese's article will be translated too into english for everyone 🙂

    It's good to see the wiki spread that way, as for any languages not having a portal the link "wiki" does not display on technet homepage. So see'ing the stat just show that the word spread for the wiki.

  2. Thanks Philippe. I was surprised how many were similarly over 100 articles like that (closer than I thought).

    I updated Chinese and am now adding the other languages. Thanks!

  3. Thanks to community and MS Workers, the Wiki is getting bigger and better every day.

    Congratulations everyone

  4. It's nice to see the numbers of Technet Wiki Portuguese (Brazil). Brazilians are doing an amazing work for the Microsoft Community

  5. I see I need to do some more norwegian translation, there is just one problem.. the time to do it! =) haha, great work everyone, very valuable to the entire community!

  6. Caio, yes it's pretty astonishing. The number of  Portuguese articles (3,700) rivals the number of English articles (~8,000).


  7. Tord, you need to build a Norwegian team! =^)

    Thanks for all your contributions!

  8. Well Ed, that is the problem.. We have a blog for TechNet norway, and I've told them to get in here, however they are still a bit stuck in their own worlds, Microsoft Norway could probably help us out here, however the MVPs in Norway are more into the usergorups, blogs etc. not the TechNet Wiki, and I don't think we have any MCC either. But I'll continue to spread the word, I know they use it, we just need to get them to create some great Norwegian articles!

  9. Hi, Ed.

    I also have been research previously.

  10. Wow, Yottun! What did you use to make that table? Did you do it manually?


  11. Thanks, Bruno and Ed.

    > Did you do it manually?

    Yes!  It is created manually in Excel. ヽ(´ ∇  `)ノ

  12. I am proud of all these Turkish articles. Hope it will grow up ! The wikiiii is hoottttt 🙂

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