Community Win: Ease of Use

Hello to Thursday - Community Win,

for todays "Community win", I decided to pick the topic "ease of use".

One of the strong points going for the TechNet Wiki is that it is pretty accessible and easy to use. All you need to get going is a free Live-Account (technically for reading the Wiki you don't need an account, but for pure win I am sure you want to comment on the content you liked :)). With the account you can log in and start to contribute your experience and know-how by either adding articles ("Post an article" in the upper right) or editing existing ones (either navigate to an article via the portals or search for one). Both adding and editing happens in an editior within your browser, so you don't have any added requirements. Actually, for a detailed guide and much more pointers, there exists a wiki article here already.

So where is the win in it? The win is that its not an complicated platform for an exclusive group of people but everyone interested can participate without meeting many requirements. 3,379 users already decided to contribute, join the crowd!


Comments (6)

  1. Wiki is easy to use, however type of browser can make it hard to edit articles.

  2. Pete Laker says:

    The editor is indeed a wiki win. Good call FZB.

  3. Florian,

    Congratulations on 10K Recognition Points!

  4. Technet Wiki is really easy to use, but still need some improvements, specially on the article editor.

  5. FZB says:

    thanks for the feedback all, was mainly aiming at the ease of access if you want to write (or edit) an article in the way that you don't need a local program like say Expression or something like that, which in my view would limit the potential number of contributors.

    @ed: thanks, working on 100k next 😉

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