Wiki Life: One year anniversary of a BizTalk TechNet Wiki Ninja

It has been a year ago when I contributed my first Wiki articles for the TechNet Wiki (interview). The articles were on BizTalk Server 2010, BizTalk tooling, beginners guide, adapter pack and so on. Shortly after that I wrote a few more BizTalk related articles as I got inspired and enthusiastic about the TechNet Wiki . You can find all my and other contributors BizTalk related articles through the BizTalk Server Resources on the TechNet Wiki article.

A year ago there were a few articles on BizTalk to be found through the TechNet Wiki. This changed dramatically when I stepped in and a few other BizTalk community members followed. Now a year later there are over a hundred. With a new BizTalk version to be released next year the number will increase.

Personally the TechNet Wiki is a great platform to share knowledge and collaborate with others on articles. I am getting a lot of positive feedback, which motivates me a lot and gives me energy. It's not just motivates me, but also a lot of other BizTalk community members like Tord Nordahl, Sandro Pereira, Charlie Mott, Michael Stephenson, Saravana Kumar and many others (see also Number of BizTalk community contributors increases). With great help and guidance of Ed Price the library of BizTalk articles on the TechNet Wiki has proven to be a great success.

My life as a BizTalk professional changed when I started using the TechNet Wiki and contributing by writing articles, updating and changing others and promote it through the TechNet Wiki blog. It has proven to me that is a very valuable communication channel with a great reach to the general public.

I am looking forward to another year on the TechNet Wiki where I will focus more on Microsoft Integration in general.

- Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)


Comments (3)

  1. Pete Laker says:

    Happy anniversary Steef-Jan!

  2. You have done a great job for the community Steef-Jan! Keep it up!

  3. Happy anniversary Jan.. Hope you will continue many years!

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