Monday Interview with C# guru Filip Ekberg!

Good monday!

This has to be my favorite day of the week, a new fresh start and lots of work to be done within the next 5 days, this week however is not like a normal week, I have the week off from work to finish off some stuff in the house before my good friend Steef-Jan Wiggers arrives.

However, I have a lot of good friends in the community, and one of them is Filip, we started talking over twitter back in April, and we have had a lot of messages since that, Filip is a great contributor to the community and I've pushed him to join the TechNet Wiki to (didn*t really have to push him, Filip does this all by nature, just had to lead him into the wiki frontpage).

So over to the interview object (person).. 🙂

Filip Ekberg

Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Filip Ekberg and I am a Software Engineer based in Gothenburg, Sweden. Most of my days consist of development on e-commerce systems aimed for B2B, some minor B2C as well. I love algorithms and solving complex problems which puts me on the backend development and in an architectural position.

I live, talk and breathe code so when I don’t work on my day job at Star Republic in Sweden, I try to write on my blog, gather ideas for an upcoming book or some other fun project. My book C# Smorgasbord was just released in late July this year and has been selling good and getting great reviews!

My heart really burns for programming and I am always looking for new ways to contribute to the community in any way possible.

What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

So far I have only used TechNet Wiki to share information with others; articles that I have thought would be of great use so everyone in the community. Whenever I find an article when looking for answers to a specific problem I try to share that with my co-workers and also with everyone that I think will benefit from it.

I truly believe that TechNet Wiki can be great as there’s more and more high quality content added every day.

Why are you so active in the community, videos, blogs wiki articles?

I treat others as I want to be treated and I remember how hard it was back in the day to get good material for self-learning. Since we are in a new era where everyone has a smartphone, tablet or a computer we need to have information accessible to everyone on-demand.

When I contribute to the greater good I get a very good feeling that I can live on for a long time. As an example I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails regarding articles, screencasts or other types of material that I have done, thanking me for writing it because it have made their work easier. Isn’t that what it is all about? Helping each other out and getting work done faster so that we can spend more time on the fun parts!

Do you have any tips for new Wiki contributors?

It is kind of impossible to know if your content is unique but what is unique is the way of writing an article. Which means that one should never doubt to put their thoughts out there, even if it has been spoken about many times before.

It’s better to say something twice than not to say it at all! It will of course also help with the SEO of TechNet Wiki to get more and more articles cover even the smaller aspects.

One last thing that I want to recommend is that you should believe in your-self and even if you get some negative feedback, you can always go back and edit the wiki-page and improve your work. By actually writing and revising your articles you will get better at the things you talk about.

Got any tips why it's good to contribute to the wiki?

TechNet Wiki is a great place to start contributing if you don’t have a blog. The main thing is because we need more articles in TechNet Wiki; it needs to show up more often in Bing.

You will also get better and better on writing articles and understanding the content you actually teach and this alone is a great reason to start contributing to TechNet Wiki!

What do you use the wiki for?

I primarily use it for sharing the articles that I am most proud of such topics that has also gotten into my book! As I stated before I love helping out and I really want to get the word out there even if it is about an older technology or a technology that is just in a preview state.


So thanks Filip for taking your time, and what you do on your blog and the TechNet Wiki, however I want to see more articles!

I know that this interview will help you to continue to contribute to the community and create a lot more great Wiki articles, you can check some out here, all authored by Filip!

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  1. Great interview, good work Filip!

  2. Great tips about the value of personal style. Thanks, Filip!

  3. Ahsan Kabir says:

    Thanks Tord G.Nordahl ,nice one .

  4. Loves Filip Ekberg hair 🙂

  5. Thanks people, on behalf of me and Filip! Filip's hair is cool, so is what he do. Great inspiration for the community! =)

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