TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge 3: What language has been translating the most lately? Is it Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish, German, Russian, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, or Polish?

This is Friday! You know what that means, right? Time for an International Update!


So I’m counting up all the articles translated since our last challenge, which ended on April 13th, with this blog post:

TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge!!! Who won the Round 2 battle??? Was it Portuguese, German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, or Norwegian?

To qualify, the translated article must be created after April 13th. I’m looking at articles in the tags listed here: Wiki: Translation Tags (en-US).

Currently we have 178 total articles from 25 authors, across 13 languages:

  • Japanese (70 articles from 2 people)
  • Portuguese (22 articles from 2 people)
  • Italian (18 articles from 4 people)
  • French (18 articles from 2 people)
  • Russian (15 articles from 5 people)
  • Polish (9 articles)
  • Dutch (5 articles from 3 people)
  • Spanish (4 articles)
  • Turkish (8 articles)
  • Chinese (3 articles from 2 people)
  • Greek (3 articles)
  • German (2 articles from 2 people)
  • Georgian (1 article)

Still to do: I need to go through the Simplified Chinese Wiki and link back the articles that are translations (they were originally disconnected from the articles they were translated from).


Chinese (Simplified)

Total: 3

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 5

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 18

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 1

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 2

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 3

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 18

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 70

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 9

Wiki Ninjas:



Portuguese (Brazil)

Total: 22

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 15

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 4

Wiki Ninjas:




Total: 8

Wiki Ninjas:



To qualify, the translated article must be created after April 13th. As you can tell, this is a work in progress! =^)

Link to any articles that I miss! Also comment if there are any mistakes!


   – Ninja Ed


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Comments (21)

  1. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    I finished Japanese. The total is 70! That's going to be hard to beat!

  2. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    I started Russian. There have been some translated articles that are up on the Russian Wiki, but they aren't tagged or linked back to the original articles. So I think I'll update those articles to link to the others first. Not tonight though. I'm turning in. =^)

  3. Yagmoth555 says:

    woww, 70 !  really good job Yottun !!!

  4. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Finished Russian and French.

  5. Russian translation says:


    <a href="">Russian translation</a>

  6. Gokan Ozcifci says:

    Ed, Awesome article! But I did make a great mistake.. I translated more than 30 articles but never wrote the tag "translated into …….. "

    I found a lot of articles that I translated into Turkish and Dutch .. I send it tou Ed Price at Microsoft dot com. So you can update this article or use it on Challenge 4..

    Kr, Gokan

  7. Ed Price - MSFT says:


    Ha! I was just emailing you about this too! In addition to the tag additions for your French, Dutch, and Turkish articles, could you also cross link between them with an "Other Languages" section at the bottom? That's the standard we've been using. Plus if you have an English version of them, then someone else can come in and add another translation to the list, like Japanese or Portuguese (for example).


  8. Gokan Ozcifci says:


    Yeah, I just readed and answered your mail. I will also make "Other Languages" section avilable at the bottom.. I think it will be finished tomorrow ..

    Thanks for your help!


  9. Ana Paula de Almeida says:

    My articles are these!

  10. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Ana, meaning that I got the 4 right that I put you down for?


  11. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Gokan, I added two more Dutch articles and one French. I got those from the tags you added. I'll have to double check the email you sent. Thanks!

  12. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Tonight I added German, Greek, and Italian.


  13. Richard Mueller says:

    Michael Samteladze has just started translating into Georgian (ka-GE). First article:…/14248.asp-net-sql-server-ka-ge.aspx

  14. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Thanks Richard!

    I added Chinese, Georgian, Polish, and Turkish.

    Next I need to go through the Chinese Wiki and pull out the translations from there. They haven't been tracked yet (maked with "Translated into" tag or linked via "Other Languages" sections).

  15. Gokan Ozcifci says:

    Hi Ed,

    I have updated all the Turkish Articles!

    Thanks for your comments!


  16. Tomoaki Yoshizawa says:

    Yes!  No.1 !!

  17. Anonymous says:

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  18. hassan sayed issa20014 says:

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