The Yoga Swami

Once, I’ve visited India and took some Yoga classes from a swami. His viewpoints on life were quite different from mine, which resulted in an interesting experience. There’s one story the swami told me that I really want to share:

“I’m not a very courageous man. In fact, I am a coward. One day I was driving in my car with my wife, and a taxi driver hit us from behind. The back of my car was completely damaged. I knew I should give the driver two slaps in his face, but I was too cowardly. My wife was scolding me: “Hit him! Hit him! You’re a coward!”, but still I didn’t dare. Another day, our maid servant stole my watch. When I found out, I gave her two slaps in her face. So you see… I’m getting more courageous little by little.”

So, my advice. If you’re ever in the position where you’re thinking of writing a Wiki article, but you’re not sure if it’s good enough… Just go ahead and start writing it, getting more courageous little by little.

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  1. Pete Laker says:

    A good point made Margriet.

    I'm sure you implying this, but I'll spell it out anyway – his story only confirms he truly IS a coward.

    BEATING your MAID SERVANT is NOT comparable to fighting with another man!

  2. Hafandi says:

    "BEATING your MAID SERVANT is NOT comparable to fighting with another man!"

    agreed with that.

  3. Hafandi says:

    but also agreed with your advise Margriet. 🙂

  4. Yes, I am implying that beating a woman is not a proof of the courage of a man, and I think most people would feel like that. But the fact that the narrator of the story takes a position that is very hard to defend in a moral perspective provides, at least I think it does, an interesting dynamic to the little story, as he manages to get something positive from 1 or 2 cowardly episodes that would make most people feel bad, as wrong as it sounds. For that reason only, this story kinda got stuck in my memory.

    I wrote this weekend surprise for a friend of mine who asked my advice on writing Wiki pages, as a metaphor (although the story is true). I gave it to him, and as a result he tried to modify a Wiki page and got a lot of criticism from various persons because of it. When I took a look at it, I had to admit that the criticism was justifiied, but didn't have to be delivered in such a harsh way. To my friend I want to say: no doubt this has been a bad experience for you, but I'm sure there's something positive in it as well. Don't give up now.

  5. When someone tries and gets "beat up" in the comments with criticism, we need to fight back and stand up for the person who's becoming courageous. Please send me links via comment or email and I'll go help encourage the new person. I've had to do that several times already in forums and wiki. Not everyone understands expectations and has the experience that the community majority might already have. That doesn't mean we slap the new user and criticize him or her for their ignorance.

    Rather, we reach out our hand and collaborate with the new community member and work together. That's what community is all about.

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