Community Win: Who is the community?

Welcome to our Thursday Community Win!

So I wrote this blog yesterday, however I'm out travelling doing some training for a company in the UK, and the Internet on the hotel suddenly stopped working, so I ended up waiting for the Internet coming back on again.

This week I would love to talk about the different people in the community and how the TechNet Wiki benefit all of them.


Contributors are the people that actually build up this Wiki, they all do amazing work creating articles and collaborating with others working on the same or different technologies, whether you update articles, create new ones or just making sure that the tags are correct. All these people help building up the community. If it wasn't for these people the Wiki wouldn't be anything but an empty shell. They have built up many thousands articles and edits.


These are the people reading around on the Wiki/blog, commenting and stating their ideas, you often see some of them saying, maybe you should add this as well, these are the people that gradually move towards becoming a contributor, its the last step from actually creating their own article and start editing.


These are the people benefiting from the Wiki/blog. These are one of the most important roles we have. They are using the TechNet Wiki when they need help, or want to start out on something, read up learn something new like PowerShell, BizTalk, SharePoint etc. They wouldn't have anything to read if it wasn't for the contributors, and the contributors wouldn't write articles it it wasn't for the readers.

The Circle of the Wiki life

I like to call it the circle of life for the wiki, all the three groups above are needed to get the wheels spinning. And you as contributor, commenter or reader are the keystone in the life of the wiki, if it wasn't for you none of these elements would mean anything, the win of the TechNet wiki would be lost and eventually the wiki would become deprecated and removed. so Thank you all, for what you are doing, from all the WikiNinjas and everyone else. What you do whether its commenting, collaborating or reading, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't have this amazing knowledge base.

Norwegian Ninja Tord (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)


Comments (2)

  1. I'm a commenter. =^)

    I'd also add that you see Commenters on the Wiki as well. Some people aren't comfortable making edits themselves, so they might suggest edits or other articles. This is still incredibly valuable and helps shape the articles. So even if Commenters don't convert to Contributors, they're still very valuable.

    Thanks, Tord! I love the way you sum up the Readers! Great topic!

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