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Welcome to Wiki Life Wednesday!

So what does YouTube have to do with TechNet Wiki?

Well using YouTube with TechNet Wiki is a great way to display a video within an article.


View that video in this article: Wiki: About TechNet Wiki

In the example above, we have an interview or commentary style of video that compliments the content on that page. Rather than just having the official sounding text, Eric also gives us the story via video, in a personal and casual way.

Next let's look at marketing-style videos:


View that video in this article: TechNet Wiki: Getting Started

Why would you want to view a video inside an article?

Well, like the example above, you get a tour or marketing style video that fits with the theme of the article. So you read about the product (TechNet Wiki), and then you can take a break to be whisked away for a moment and get the marketing pitch. Then you land back to keep reading.

Here's another example of using a Marketing video:


View that video in this article: PowerPivot Overview

It's an overview article, where you take a break to watch a marketing cartoon.

And one more Marketing example. This video is from a page of several videos that introduce a product...


View that video in this article: Data Explorer Introduction Videos

That's my voice at the beginning! And I animated that video.

But obviously you could do more than marketing videos. You could include a tutorial/walk through video (with screencap) to demonstrate how to use a product, such as PowerPivot:


View that video in this article: PowerPivot: Create a PivotChart from PowerPivot Data (video)

Yes, that's me in the video!

As you'll see on the page that contains the video above (PowerPivot: Create a PivotChart from PowerPivot Data (video)), the article compliments the video. You get introduction text and you get instructions, so that you can go back and forth between reading and watching the video while you listen to the video the entire time. It also contains links to other helpful articles.

And here's another technical video. This one's by Jordano, one of our Portuguese contributors:


View that video in this article: Expandindo Volumes no Hyper-V (pt-BR)Ā 


What software would you use to edit video?

- Microsoft Movie Maker

- Adobe Premiere

What software can you use for screen capture (recording your tutorials)?

- Microsoft Expression Encoder

- CamStudio (open source)

- Camtasia

How would you use videos? What videos have you found useful on TechNet Wiki?

Remember that YouTube + TechNet Wiki = Social Synergy!!!

- Ninja Ed

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  1. That is true! So I'm up for uploading some videos, however what free tools are good to use to record screen and voice? šŸ™‚

    But more videos would be awsome, and I hope lots will do it!

  2. Yagmoth555 says:

    Video in articles is really cool ! Thats show how much energy was done to make the article.

  3. Helpful.

    It's a good idea to help audience understand.

    I'll also try to upload.

  4. Tord, I'm not sure. A lot of people use Camtasia and Expression Encoder. Expression Encoder is recommended for Microsoft employees. I don't know of any free versions, but ideally it would be fantastic if the screen capture capabilities were built into Windows (much like the amazing Snipping Tool).

    Does anyone else know?


  5. CamStudio is an open source alternative to commercial video recording applications. I have used it and works great !

    Camstudio has a discussion forum as well


  6. BTW, Nice article Ed.

  7. Thakns for all the tips for tools, I downloaded camstudio now and I'm about to try it out and upload it to one of my articles as soon as I'm done!

  8. Thanks for the reference, Santosh!

  9. You are welcome, Ed šŸ™‚

  10. Pete Laker says:

    These videos don't show in Windows 8 preview, IE10.

    Just letting you know, I don't see any images, or video links

    Lemme know if you want a screenshot Ed

  11. XAML guy, do you think this is a Flash issue? Do you have the latest Flash player?

    Anyone else have any ideas?



  12. Tord, great job. It really compliments your article to have the video along with the text, images, and tables. You really nailed that article! And it also has some good comments. I'll see if we can feature it. Thanks!

  13. Thank you very much Ed.. šŸ™‚ Stuff like this gives an extra boost!

  14. Pete Laker says:

    Ed, it is only broken in the Moden IE (Metro) version. It works fine on IE10 desktop version.…/flash-player-issues-windows-8.html

    After all checks from that page, only option is to view in the desktop version :/

  15. XAML guy, thanks for the update!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to our Sunday Lists ! Check them all out!

    I've been involved in social media for years

  17. Well you tube and other media players with images and video clips,is a good way to learn from it with live pictures and voice it is a great help indeed for students and machine operators and for anyone working with any work it is easy to him or her to study from the media players like you tube.Thank you Wiki Life: YouTube + TechNet Wiki for a good explanation about the main real media player organ you tube on the internet as many players on the multimedia world.

  18. Anonymous says:

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  19. Anonymous says:

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  20. aw says:

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    You amazingly come with really good posts. Thanks a lot for sharing your blog Microsoft.

  21. UPDATE: I added in a few embedded videos (when the blog platform changed, the embedded videos no longer appeared).

  22. Mike Colin says:

    It’s really valuable information. keep this work up!.

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