International Update: Top 16 Turkish Contributors on TechNet Wiki!

Welcome to our Friday International Update, where we discuss what's happening outside English with TechNet Wiki! 

Today we want to put the spotlight on our third most vibrant language community on TechNet Wiki... Turkish.

This is the third blog post in this series of the top international contributors to TechNet Wiki. Here are all the blog posts in this series:

  1. Top 12 Russian Contributors
  2. Top 17 Portuguese Contributors
  3. Top 16 Turkish Contributors (this page)
  4. Top 11 Spanish Contributors
  5. Top 22 Portuguese Contributors - 2013
  6. Top 10 Turkish Contributors - 2013
  7. Top 5 French Contributors 
  8. Top 14 Persian (Farsi) Contributors


In addition to the three language-specific versions of TechNet Wiki...

1. Portuguese (Brazil) -

2. Chinese (Simplified) -

3. Russian -

We also have many other languages represented on the main TNWiki. Find them listed by tag on this page.

These Turkish contributors are ranked by overall Wiki pages they've authored. Tie breakers go to the one with more edits. Leave comments below if I missed anyone, and I'll try to get them in a future version of this. Or leave a comment if I need to update the technologies, about info, or links.

Let's get started...


1. Gokan Ozcifci

Gokan Ozcifci's avatar


About: Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 230

Edits: 1,994

Technologies: SharePoint, SQL Server

ExamplesSharePoint 2013 Kurulum ve Inceleme (tr-TR)SharePoint 2013: Search Nasil Hizlandirilir (tr-TR)  


2. Anil Erduran

Anil_Erduran's avatar


About: Microsoft Employee

TNWiki Articles: 26

Edits: 7

Technologies: System Center, Service Manager, Windows Server, PowerShell

ExamplesSystem Center 2012 Orchestrator - Runbook Nedir (tr-TR), SCOM Gateway Server – High Availability (tr-TR)


3. Baris Aydogmusoglu

Baris Aydogmusoglu's avatar  


About: Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 65

Edits: 41

Technologies: Exchange Server, Windows Server

ExamplesChild Domain’ler ve Exchange Server 2010’a dair… (tr-TR), Windows Server 2012 – Dynamic Access Control , Part 1 (tr-TR)  


4. Serhad Makbuloglu


About: Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 28

Edits: 50

Technologies: Active Directory, Exchange Server, Windows Server, System Center,

ExamplesActive Directory Domain Services Nedir? (TR-tr), Exchange Server 2010 Kurulumu (tr-TR)


5. Yunus Dogu


About: Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 20

Edits: 1

Technologies: Visual Studio, PowerShell,, Silverlight

ExamplesVeri Saklama Modelleri (tr-TR), ASP.NET Ile Stored Procedure Kullanimi – 1 (No Wizard) (tr-TR) 


6. Mehmet Parlakyigit



About: IT Pro

TNWiki Articles: 18

Edits: 6

Technologies: Windows 8, Hyper-V, Active Directory, Windows Server

ExamplesWindows 8 Client Hyper-V ile Sanal Makine Olusturma (TR-tr), Hyper-V Nedir ? (Tr-tr)  


7. Yavuz Tasci


About: IT Pro

TNWiki Articles: 10

Edits: 2

Technologies: Windows Server, System Center,

ExamplesWindows Server 2012 DHCP Server Kurulumu (TR-tr), Windows Server 2008 DNS Server Mimarisi (tr-TR)


8. Veysel Ugur Kizmaz

Veysel Ugur  KIZMAZ's avatar


About: -

TNWiki Articles: 9

Edits: 11

Technologies: SharePoint, Visual C#,,, Entity Framework

Examples: Sharepoint 2010 Content Type ile Liste Tanimlama (tr-TR), Sharepoint 2010 Business Data Connectivity (tr-TR)


9. Sertac Topal

Sertac Topal's avatar


About: MCT

TNWiki Articles: 7

Edits: 1

Technologies: Windows Server, System Center

Examples: SCCM 2012 Kurulumu (tr-TR),



10. Dogan Yetiskin


About: -

TNWiki Articles: 6

Edits: 13

Technologies: Windows Server, Windows 8

ExamplesWindows Server 8 Beta Kurulumu (tr-TR), Windows 8 Refresh and Reset (Sifirlama ve Yenileme) (tr-TR)  


11. Ahmet Mutlu

Ahmet Mutlu -MsHowTo-'s avatar


About: MVP

TNWiki Articles: 5

Edits: 4

Technologies: Hyper-V, Windows Server

ExamplesHyper-V Sanal Makina Kurulumu Nasil yapilir ? (tr-TR), Adim Adim Hyper-V Live Migration Kurulumu - Bolüm 1-Failover Cluster Kurulumu- 


12. Alptekin Gokceyrek

Alptekin Gökçeyrek's avatar


About: -

TNWiki Articles: 4

Edits: 1

Technologies: Forefront, Exchange Server, Lync, Office 365

ExamplesForefront Online Protection For Exchange Server (FOPE) ayarlari (tr-TR), Office 365 AD Senkronizasyonu


13. Sedat Salman

Sedat Salman's avatar


About: Microsoft Partner, MCT

TNWiki Articles: 3

Edits: 2

Technologies: SQL Server, Transact-SQL, SSRS,, Power View

ExamplesPowerview ile Kendi Raporunuzu Olusturun (tr-TR)


14. Aykut Cevizci

Aykut Cevizci's avatar


About: BT Pro

TNWiki Articles: 2

Edits: 1

Technologies: DNS,

ExamplesDNS (Domain Name System) (tr-TR), Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) (tr-TR)


15. Selcuk Arslan

Selcuk.ARSLAN's avatar


About: -

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: 0

Technologies: Exchange Server, Windows Server



16. Hakan Uzuner

Hakan Uzuner MVP's avatar


About: MVP, MCT

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: 0

Technologies: RDS, Windows 8, Windows 8, Small Business Server, Active Directory, Exchange Server, Forefront

ExamplesForefront TMG RDP Publishing (tr-TR)


Congratulations to you all! All of your contributions help make TechNet Wiki a success and help benefit the Turkish tech community. So thank you to all of our contributors!

Please leave a comment if I missed somebody or if a link is wrong, or if I should add info into the "About" or "Technologies" sections. Thanks!

Remember to keep the Wiki Community strong!

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. Still to do: Fill in the About, Technologies, and Examples sections. Feel free to drop suggestions in the comments! Thanks!

  2. Note to self: Because I made lists like these for Portuguese and Russian, I should cross-link between the three.

  3. Okay, I added all the cross links at the top of the three articles. At the top of this page, I added links to the Russian and Portuguese versions. Thanks!

  4. Pete Laker says:

    Note to Ed, first signs, right there buddy ;D

  5. Okay. I updated all the info lists. I also added a few more people… 16 total now. Thanks!

  6. Hepinize cok ama cok tessekur ederim ! Iyiki varsiniz! Gokan aka SharePoint Pirate

  7. barisca says:

    It's amazing , thank you very much.

  8. It's amazing , thank you very much

  9. Great! Thank you, Barisca, for your contributions!

  10. And thank you to Gokan as well!

  11. Ahmed Naji says:

    Hi Ed

    When you will support Wiki  that targeting Arabic audiences.


  12. Ahmed, do you mean the Arabic language? Truth is that we don't have much of an Arabic presence, but we do have a growing team of Farsi/Persian contributors.

    TechNet Wiki supports both languages now.  I just published a blog post on Friday with a great example of Farsi contributions on TechNet Wiki:…/international-update-active-directory-s-administrative-pocketbook-translated-into-persian-farsi.aspx

    Here is a list of every Farsi article on TechNet Wiki:…/default.aspx

    If that's the language you use, then I invite you to join those in the community and help by editing and adding to their articles (or adding your own). If you only mean Arabic, then you can still add some articles and help build that community.


  13. To author in any language, just follow the guidelines here:…/

    So if it's in Arabic, the article title would look like this:

    "Wiki Article Title in Arabic" (ar-SA)

    And then add the tag "ar-SA" to the article tags. That way someone can filter by only the Arabic articles like the Farsi filter I linked to in my last comment.


  14. Very good!  Well done all.

  15. Ahmed Naji says:

    That's Great Ed

    I love to spread the words about Microsoft technologies in Arabic.

    I will start writing in Arabic very soon and wish to build great community in Arabic .

    Thanks 🙂

  16. Ed, Please update list.

  17. Serhard,

    What I'll probably do is post a new, updated list later.


  18. Naomi N says:

    Ahmet needs to remove black border from his avatar. I even checked his profile to make sure he is alive

  19. I added a link to #8… The Persian/Farsi list.

  20. Naomi, wow! I didn't think it might mean the person is dead!

  21. aw says:

    hai, I just want to tell you that I am just very new to blogs and seriously loved this website. More than likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post .
    You amazingly come with really good posts. Thanks a lot for sharing your blog Microsoft.

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