Interview with a MVP Leandro E. Carvalho

Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday Interview. This week is my pleasure to present the Wiki Ninja Leandro E. Carvalhobrazilian MVP and top contributor to Technet Wiki and Techent Forum.

Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Hi Wiki Family, my name is Leandro Carvalho. Although I’m not a big fan of "Leo", you can call me Leo (at least sounds better than people who speaks English trying to say Leandro) =)

I’m from a huge city called Sao Paulo in Brazil, but I’m living with my family in Canberra, Australia since 2010.

After 7 years working as a Microsoft Trainer, I’ve got a job as a Subject Matter Expert at IBM Australia and my specialities are private cloud, virtualization, Windows Server and client, security, Exchange, SharePoint and some other technologies.


How did you become an MVP? Do you have any suggestions for other community members who hope to eventually become MVPs?

I moved to Australia in 2010 and to my surprise, on my first week here, I got one of the most important emails of my career saying that I was awarded the MVP Virtual Machine. That was quite shocking for me and I was very honored to be part of such a nice team.

In my opinion, the spirit of being a MVP is that you shouldn’t expect to be awarded whatsoever.

The MVP recognition should come naturally and if you keep doing a nice work with the community it will come in the right time. So just be patience, help as much as you can in different ways such as forums, events, webcasts and so on. Just don’t expect the award, enjoy it and you will be amazed and surprised when the famous email pops in your inbox.


How did you get introduced to TechNet WIki? And what was your first collaboration? 

As a trainer I used to create some articles to give more information and a sort of “extra content” to my students after their class. I was using my blog that time and then I got an email from Tony Soper with some information about TechNet Wiki. That was love at first sight because I could put my articles to the public where they were allowed to change and improve it. I started straight away. I posted my first article in March-2010 and I’ve been adding more content since then.

It’s great to see people improving and helping you to make your content even more interesting, and vice versa.


Besides your work on TechNet Wiki, where do you contribute?

Besides Wiki I only contribute with my blogs. I’ve got one in English ( and another one in Portuguese (


What are your big projects right now?

At the moment I’m working on my first book, about Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. I’m quite busy doing that and very excited to get it done ASAP. That was a dream since I was a kid and it’s great to see it coming true now. But I still helping with other contributions as normal too.


What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

My main collaboration with Wiki are articles. I love to write How-To articles with step-by-step details and simple explanation to help IT Pros to simply read and do it. I also try to help some other articles by adding more information as well.


What is it about TechNet Wiki That interests you?

Sometimes, when reading some nice articles, we face examples when we normally say “Would be nice if they’ve mentioned this or if they’ve changed that”. As a big community fan, I love TechNet Wiki’s philosophy of making the content public and allow others to improve it. A lot of very nice articles have been written and enriched by others members and this is very cool.

I have a couple of friends that I made on the Wiki Community and others that became even MVPs due their collaboration.

I also remember the old times when we could send articles to Microsoft Technet. Man that was tough! So complicated and complex! I think that with Wiki you are a couple of clicks away to be part of the Microsoft hall of fame, and you don’t even need to be a master or very important to do so! That’s what makes it so special for me.



What are your favorite articles you’ve contributed?

My favourite article, which I have a special feeling, is the first one I’ve posted on Wiki explaining the Hyper-V architecture.

I won a contest in the System Center Influencers Program with that article and I think it was one of the reason why I got the MVP award.


Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

As mentioned before, I’ve got a couple of friends that I met in the Wiki Community. I know a lot of people that are doing a great job, however, what impressed me the most was all the Brazilian community. If you check the top contributors, there is always a Brazilian in the list. They have been adding tons of excellent articles, videos and editing existing articles. It really makes us very proud.


You’ve done fairly well on the Wiki. Do you have any tips or recommendations about editing or authoring articles?

My advice is that people must find things that no one has written before, focusing on troubleshooting, architecture and how-to articles. It’s so nice to find a Technet Wiki article when you are having an issue…

So, a final message to all “Wiki Ninjas”: Keep it up and as we say in Brazil, “Don’t let the ball fall down”.


Thank you Leandro for the interview.

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twitter: @flugaoveltem

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  1. Hi Leandro (glad not speaking English).

  2. Nice interview with Leandro, thanks Fernando.

  3. Hi Livio, I hope you don't have accent mate. =)

    Thanks Steef.


  4. This is one of my favorite quotes: "I moved to Australia in 2010 and to my surprise, on my first week here, I got one of the most important emails of my career saying that I was awarded the MVP Virtual Machine. That was quite shocking for me and I was very honored to be part of such a nice team." – Leandro

  5. Great interview Fernando, and congrats Leandro.

  6. Leandro, what are you an MVP in? Do you want to be a member of the TechNet Wiki Advisory Board? Email me if you are or to ask about it. It's edprice at Microsoft. Thanks!

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    Ola comunidade Wiki, hoje é o dia de Segunda feira entrevista com o Wiki Ninja.

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