Community Win: How to Ban or Report a TechNet or MSDN User Account

Hello and welcome everybody to our Thursday - Community Win.

Today I don't want to talk about an article with a lot of peoples working on it and many contributions.

But it is Thursday! It is time for a community win!

I know and in my opinion the following wiki article already has a lot of unseen contributors and is one of the biggest community wins ever. But let me explain that.

Do you love soccer? Or do you like spam?
What has one thing to do with the other?

If you are an active user of the MSDN/TechNet forums or a contributor to the TechNet wiki you could probably guess what I mean. In the last couple of weeks we have seen a lot of spam posts in the forums. Especially in the last days, where in many countries the new soccer season has begun. And what did you see? A lot of advertising for sites, where you can watch the games live. Also in the TechNet wiki we see spam/advertising articles about other topics/products every day.

What can we do against these posts and articles?

What I normally do is to report every post/article as abuse or mark it as spam. But that's a lot of work. How can you help to identify the appropriate users and ban them from our loved wiki and forums (at least for some time)?

Ed Price wrote an article in the MSDN/TechNet Forums article series: How to Ban or Report a TechNet or MSDN User Account. In a perfect world there is no need for an article like that, but hey ... that is real life. If you want to help to make our (online) life a little bit better help to keep our wiki and forums clean.

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, Profile)

Comments (9)

  1. kishhr says:

    ya unwanted stuffs like details on games, advertising should be banned

  2. Kishr, what tool are you referring to, the Forums? Do you have any links? We try to keep them as clean as possible (and are currently working on some automatic features to reduce spamming as well).


  3. Thanks Jan! Soccer is great. It's sad that people are spamming about it and making people get frustrated by their soccer spam. We have a lot of support people manually removing the spam and the spammers. We also have a lot of Moderators in the Forums and Wiki who are marking and deleting the spam. I'm hoping features we're working on will make it harder (and less frequent) to add spam into the forums and Wiki. The trick is to do it without making it harder for everyone. Thanks!

  4. Hasham Niaz says:

    HI !

    Thanks for this blog and its nice to see that you have written on this sensitive issue which is bugging the community pretty badly since last month.

    I have already made some suggestions on following thread;…/39c348e1-c4db-4931-85eb-2448decee4c6

  5. Lately the spam is getting deleted almost immediately. And the accounts are getting banned quickly, which helps a lot. My guess is that the administrators are catching the sports related spam.

  6. In braziliam Technet Foruns, it's rare to see spam … But I think that it's important to identify and ban the users who keep spamming there.

  7. Karla says:

    From my Windows XP with my family in your own personal non existent

  8. aw says:

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