Three Thousand (3,000) Contributors on TechNet Wiki!!!!ExclamationPoint!!!! — that deserves a poem

Wiki Statistics
3,014 users have contributed 10,636 pages, 57,724 revisions, and 27,233 comments.
Find the latest statistics any time here.
Thank you to all 3,000 contributors on TechNet Wiki.
To you, I devote this poem about TechNet Wiki:
Wiki Wiki,
Oh Wiki
Your SEO
Is oh so sticky
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  1. wow… 3,000!

    But i have a curiosity.

    In how long?

  2. Congrats TechNet Wiki! 🙂

  3. Pete Laker says:


    I'd like to know more about the SEO side of TNWiki. Are you saying contributions to TNWiki will rate higher? Does the TNWiki engine add any extra optimisation or duplicate copies or mega-linking cross-reference pages? Is that for all search engines, or especially Bing?

    An idea for another TNWiki page maybe? 😀

  4. Hezequias Vasconcelos says:

    Very Good.

  5. XAML Guy,

    Yes. Higher than what? To make it short, Google favors all legitimate wikis heavily (because that's what people favor). Bing has solid ranking for wikis as well.

    Wiki tends to rank higher than web pages, downloadable files, and blogs in the short term. Eventually the others might rank higher, but that's based on views, cross-links, etc.


  6. I'm thinking we should have a Wiki poetry contest. =^)

  7. I'm proud to be one of them!

  8. aw says:

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