International Update – Top 12 Contributors to the Russian TechNet Wiki

This is the first blog post in this series of the top international contributors to TechNet Wiki. Here are all the blog posts in this series:

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  8. Top 14 Persian (Farsi) Contributors


As many of you know, we released three new language-specific versions of TechNet Wiki...

1. Portuguese (Brazil) -

2. Chinese (Simplified) -

3. Russian -


And there are many language communities that are very proactive on the main TechNet Wiki site:

Today I want to focus on the Russian TechNet Wiki.

I think the biggest improvement that the site still needs is that the portals on the top (the blue boxes, which act as category lists) still point to my portals for the English language. Is there a Russian contributor who wants to make Russian versions of the portals? Then the community can slowly build out the portal lists and add the Russian articles. After that, we'd just have to link to those artcles from the Russian main page.

Today I'm going to take a look at the top 12 Russian contributors that seem to pop to the surface. I feel like we haven't engaged with them enough and haven't gotten to know them yet.

These contributors are ranked by overall Wiki pages they've authored in Russian. Tie breakers go to the one with more edits. As you'll see, we still had a tie with two #9s. But that's okay. I listed Alexander first, since he has a picture. Plus it looks like he's doing stand up comedy. I'd have to get that translated though, to enjoy it.

Anyway, congratulations to all these contributors! You're paving the way for the Russian community! Great job, everyone! At this point, every contribution is significant when you're a pioneer and building a new community!


1. Denis Dyagilev


About: MVP, Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 18

Edits: 641

Technologies: Hyper-V, System Center, Windows Server

Example?????????? ? Microsoft Hyper-V, Virtual Server 2005 ? Virtual PC      


2. Yelenah_


About: Microsoft employee, SQL Server International Content & Community

TNWiki Articles: 8

Edits: 18

Technologies: SQL Server, SQL Azure, TechNet Wiki

Example????: k?? ??????? ???????? ????????  


3. Andrey Korshikov


About: MVP, Freelance Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 8

Edits: 4

Technologies: SQL Server, XML

Examples: ? ???? ?? ?????...,  ?????? ? XML ? SQL Server (????? 1)


4. Vinokurov Yuriy


About: Microsoft Partner, Microsoft Contractor, Siemens IT

TNWiki Articles: 7

Edits: 493

Technologies: Direct Access, Windows 8

ExampleDirect Access FAQ (Windows Server 2008R2)    


5. Anton Boyko


About: Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 5

Edits: 12

Technologies: SQL Azure, Windows Azure

Examples????????? ? SQL Azure, ???????????? ????????? ??? ??????????? ? Windows Azure     


6. Aviw_


About: Microsoft Partner, at PMPractice. He's a software developer specializing in Microsoft technology. He has over 6 years of development experience. Now he's a Senior SharePoint/Silverlight Developer at PMPractice, Moscow, Russia. MCPD, MCITP. Skype: akimov-ru.

TNWiki Articles: 2

Edits: 13

Technologies: SharePoint, Silverlight


7. Dmitriy Razbornov


About: Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: 4

Technologies: Active Directory, PowerShell, Windows Server

Example???????? ??? ?????????????? ?????????? (??????) ????? FSMO ??????? ??????????? ?????? ????????? ?????? AD-Powershell  


8. Smarty


About: SQL Server/.NET Framework developer and trainer. Blog: - all around MS SQL Server

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: 3

Technologies: SQL Server

Example???? - ???????? ?? SQL Server  


9. Alexander Karavaev


About: Microsoft Partner, at AdWatch

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: 2

Technologies: SQL Server

Example??????????? ???????? ? ???????????????? ?????? ? SQL Server 2012    


9. seagemicro


About: Microsoft Partner

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: 2

Technologies: SQL Azure

Example??????? ? SQL Azure  


10. ????????? ????????? (Alexander Gladchenko)



About: Works at ??????, former MVP

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: 1

Technologies: SQL Server

Example??????????? ?????-?????? ??? ??????????? ??? ??????


11. Dmitriy Kostylev - MVP


About: MVP, at ATMed, Russia

TNWiki Articles: 1

Edits: -

Technologies: SQL Server

Example??????????? ???????????????? ????????? (???????????) ? Microsoft SQL Server


12. dplotnikov


About: SharePoint MVP, MSP, Izhevsk Developer Community Lead, Developer Guidance Advisory Council

TNWiki Articles: - (6 in English)

Edits: 44

Technologies: SharePoint

ExampleTechNet - ??????? ?? Server 2008R2 (ru-RU)   



So there you go! We've got 5 MVPs up here. That's pretty impressive! Special thanks to Yelena for her hard work on this Russian Wiki!

I'll have to update this list sometime and see how it changes! =^)

This was kind of fun. Slightly time consuming, but I could always make it a top 5 list instead (if I do another one). Do you think I should do something like this for the Brazilian TechNet Wiki next?

Have a great weekend! And don't forget to Wiki!

   - Ninja Ed

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  1. Monica Rush says:

    This is excellent. Thank you, Russian contributors! Keep up the good work — love the pictures.

  2. Denis,

    You won! =^)


    Both Yelenah and Alexander are on the list. Am I looking for something specific?


  3. Oh, I pasted in the wrong profile URLs for them! Updated them. Thanks!

  4. Denis, can you email me? It's edprice at Microsoft.


  5. I added links to the Turkish and Portuguese versions.

  6. I added a link to the Spanish version.

  7. I added a link to #8… The Persian/Farsi list.

  8. aw says:

    hai, I just want to tell you that I am just very new to blogs and seriously loved this website. More than likely I’m planning to bookmark your blog post .
    You amazingly come with really good posts. Thanks a lot for sharing your blog Microsoft.

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