Interview with an INTERNATIONAL WIKI NINJA: Tomoaki Yoshizawa (Yottun8) – Japanese, SQL Server 2012, Power View, PowerPivot, and PowerShell 3.0

I'm pleased to announce for this week's Monday Interview, we have our key Japanese translator for TechNet Wiki, Yottun8 (Tomoaki Yoshizawa). Yottun8 was one of our top translators for the Translation Challenge (round 2).

Osaka has a rich history, so you might want to check it out: Kyoto as well, for that matter (

Here is Tomoaki's TechNet profile: 

Tomoaki Yoshizawa's avatar 


Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

I'm Tomoaki Yoshizawa (yottun8), living in Osaka, Japan.

I was raised in Kyoto, which is a globally famous city. Both are wonderful cities!

I'm currently working as a system administrator, and also building a system through database design and tuning mainly.

I have interest in SQL Server and PowerShell and feel attracted to the technology of "Always On", "Power View", "PowerPivot", and "Automation by cmdlets in PowerShell 3.0"


Besides your work on TechNet Wiki, where do you contribute?

I have an original wiki in Japanese (, contribute on the TechNet Forums (SQL Server, PowerShell, etc.), and tweet (!/yottun8).


What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?

I have translated the Other (mainly English) Language articles into Japanese so far.

Although there are many Japanese articles of fundamental Wiki content (like "Getting Started", "Common tags") now, I'm going to write and translate more articles about TechNet Wiki.

I would like to also write original articles that are unique to Japan's community and culture.

"How To" articles in TechNet Wiki are very helpful.

When I can't find concrete images and solutions to resolve issues when I'm in the TechNet Library, then I think I'd like to see and provide the solutions in TechNet Wiki.


What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

I have interest in the translation of technical information (into Japanese) from before.

About that... there is little Japanese technical information in most cases, and so the Japanese engineer currently has a lot of difficulties.

Although there is English information at such time, many Japanese engineers don't understand English well enough. (include me)

Just when seeing the English alphabet, many people in Japan avoid the information. 

It's Mottainai!! (throw away an opportunity of resolution)

In such a case, there is a machine translator, such as "Microsoft Translator", but it's not useful enough right now.

If you understand how to use the Translator, then you will be able to understand most of the English anyway. LOL

I am in no position to criticize... 😛


Then, I considered...

If I contribute to TechNet Wiki, I will be able to get technology information out there, to help other Japanese engineers, and to learn English more.

I would like to mediate between the Japanese engineers who cannot understand English very well and the English technology information.


On what Wiki articles do you spend most of your time?

I'm currently creating an article, "SQL Server 2012 ????????????????????? (ja-JP)".

This comes from... ("Tuning Spatial Point Data Queries in SQL Server 2012" in English)

I will continue to write Wiki articles while studying and learning about spatial data.


What is your favorite Wiki article that youve contributed?

"Schtasks.exe ????? Sysinternals ?????????????????????? (ja-JP)"

This comes from... ("Using Schtasks.exe to create a scheduled task to download the Sysinternals tools (en-US)" in English)

This article helped me directly in my work as an administrator.


Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

The Brazilian community is impressive.

They are very active not only within the TechNet Wiki, but also in Twitter.

And, every other Wiki contributor is also fantastic!

I feel like everyone is enjoying TechNet Wiki and making it a world-wide community.



Special thanks again to our guest interviewee, Yottun8!

Please join me in thanking Yottun8 for these important accomplishments (in the comments below).

TechNet Wiki helps bring us together, all around the world!

   - Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)


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  1. Thanks for all the translations you have contributed, especially the ones on using the wiki. Domo arigatou gozaimashita!

  2. Monica Rush says:

    Tomoaki — You set a great example for other wiki users. Thank you for your contributions, your translations, and your generous spirit on the wiki!

  3. Thanks, Ed.

    I enjoyed a lot.

    I'm sorry for my poor English and thank you for your patience. 😛

    I'll keep trying my best.

    Thanks, Tony and Monica.

    Do itashimashite! (My pleasure)

  4. Congratulatiosn Yottun8, great interview.

    Good job on your translations.

  5. UPDATE: I added Yottun's profile image.

  6. UPDATE: Tomoaki's name, profile, and profile image.

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    Wiki Ninjas Blog: The Contributors

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    The International Council essentially is a group where one or two people leads each language

  9. Anonymous says:

    This blog is a follow up to our last list of Wiki Ninja Blog Authors: Council Spotlight: Who are the

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