International Community Update – Leveraging Social Media to Advertise TNWIKI Content

Hello community, Yuri Diogenes here and on this International Update I would like to talk about the work that the Brazilian Community is doing to advertise their TechNet Wiki Content. Not only that, but get your feedback about how your community perceives the use of different Social Networks to obtain feedback from readers.

In March 2011 when the TechNet Wiki PT-BR started to take over we created a Twitter account for the Wiki Ninjas Brazil (inspired by the original US Wiki Ninjas). The goal was to advertise new content and bring awareness about what was going on in the TechNet Wiki PT-BR space.


The IT PRO (and Dev) Community in Brazil are very addicted to Social Network to proliferate content, not only the ones they create, but also from others. The use of the hashtag #TNWIKI became the default way to advertise their content via Twitter and believe, they use Twitter a lot (why is Twitter so popular in Brazil? – read this article from Time to know more). But not only Twitter is used by them in order to advertise their content and also connect to others, Facebook and LinkedIn are also used.


Is all about socialize their content and get direct feedbacks from readers in different venues. The community is doing an amazing job to rapidly adjust their content based on the user’s feedback. Recently they also started their own TechNet Wiki Forum (assisted by MS Brazil, that created the Forum under TechNet) where users can send suggestions to the platform.

Having said that, I would like to ask you (International Community) a couple of questions:

  • How your regional IT PRO/Dev Community perceives the use of Social Network to advertise content?
  • Do you use any of those social networks to advertise your content?

That’s all for today, let’s pump up TNWIKI by getting more social.

Have a great Friday!

Comments (8)

  1. Luigi Bruno says:

    Nice post, Yuri.

    That picture gave me an idea…;-)

  2. Great! I'm glad you liked.

    Looking forward to see you implementing your idea 🙂

  3. Luigi, which picture? Because one picture would give you the idea to start an Italian Twitter account and social effort and the other picture would give you an idea to join LinkedIn. =^)

  4. Nice post Yuri, I've done something similar with the norwegian part, however mostly for BizTalk. I have a mailinglist with Norwegian bizTalkers who get a monthly community update mail, including galleries, tweets, blogposts and TechNet Wiki articles in Norwegian. Its a great way to utilize the different arenas around the web! Good work Brazil!

  5. Oh I forgot the Norwegian BizTalk Twitter account @BizTalkNorway however this one is just started. 🙂

  6. Luigi Bruno says:

    Ed, I'll put a firewall and an IDS in my mind! 😉

  7. Nice Tord!! I will start following you guys on Twitter 🙂

    Who else is doing that? Tell us your twitter and we will follow !

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