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So as my first blog posts I would love to choose a Wiki Article with a topic that I find exciting, incredible and with a feeling of "cant wait to get a hold of it". In other words, the featured article this week is Micorsoft Surface. Not only is the product appealing to me, this is one of the articles with a great layout and a lot of information. It includes pictures, videos and a lot of good references to other articles that continues to describe Microsoft Surface. The Article is written by our well known Ed Price.

But either way a featured article needs to consist of something more then just a good layout, the content is the important thing. The main article is referring to all the general information regarding Surface 2.0 with a cool video and pictures with explanation. However there are a lot more article you can follow to get a good understanding of what Surface really is, references on how to use it, guidelines and administration overview which in the end gives you the fast in-depth knowledge you would need to know in order to interact with your new multiple touch television or coffee table operated by Surface!

Microsoft Surface was first announced a couple years ago, and I remember one of the first promoting videos I saw of it where they sat a glass of wine on the "dining table" and information about the wine popped up around the glass, containg location, taste, flavors and information about the country (video can be seen here), all neat with a beautiful GUI.

So it keeps evolving and we are up to Surface version 2.0. Take a look at the article and see where you can benefit from a product like this!

- Norwegian Ninja Tord (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)

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  1. Ah, thanks Tord! I appreciate it. Surface was a project that I worked on for a few years, so I'm pretty passionate about it! I also am one of the inventors on a design patent for the glass/object interaction that you just mentioned.

    Thanks again!

  2. Anytime, this is one nice feature. I told my wife the other day (she is really into interior design, and preferably white) that one day in not too long we would need to get a new coffee table, running surface. So I told her about all the great features and how user-friendly it was for me, and our kids. All I got back was the "Dont you even think about it" eyes, and "you got the iPad". She clearly don't get the entire picture!. 🙂 But belive me, one day I will have a table running surface! 🙂

  3. Monica Rush says:

    Great blog post, Tord. Let your kids do the promotion for Surface, you can probably just sit back and wait for unanimity.

  4. Monica,

    Hahahaha. You know, it was pretty eye opening. We'd design a "natural" interface, and adults would get around the Surface and slowly peck at it with one finger (like a mouse click). Our computers taught them how to interact with computer-based technologies. And they'd get the drag gesture (also similar to a mouse drag gesture). Other than that, nothing was natural and everything had to be taught. Now, in contrast, you get a bunch of kids around the Surface and it's the exact opposite. They're doing multi-hand gestures, figuring out everything you can do, and then teaching the adults. It's quite inspirational.

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