TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge Check In – Let’s tally our scores and see where we’re at!!! Who’s ahead? Is it German, Italian, Portuguese, French, Norwegian?

Leave a comment below with an update and let's get rolling!

For the article to count, it has to have been published on March 12th or later.

Come back here as I tally up the results for our check in!

Here are the lists...

 - The articles translated into other languages

 - All the articles translated into Portuguese

Portuguese current tally: 42

Translated into Italian -  All the articles translated into Italian

Italian current tally: 6

Translated into German -  All the articles translated into German

German current tally: 14

NorwegianNinja - All the articles translated into Norwegian

Norwegian current tally: 21

Translated into French - All the articles translated into French  

French current tally: 11

Translated into English - Recently started

Translated into Japanese - I just created this one

Translated into Spanish - I just created this one too 


Note that most of these tags have more articles than the ones I'm counting. I'm just counting the ones created after March 12th, because that's when this competition began.


Current Tally

As of Friday, 3/23/12, this is the current tally per language, but not per person. Note that we'll have a final award for the language that contributed the most (a Friday article highlighting their achievements and a Wiki Ninja image holding their nation's flag) and a final award for the individual contributor who translated the most articles (a Monday interview and a personal Wiki Ninja image).

Here's how the languages have been doing so far...

1. Portuguese: 42

2. Norwegian: 21

3. German: 14

4. French: 11

5. Italian: 6


Keep it up! You're all doing a great job!

     - Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)



Comments (16)

  1. Hello everyone,

    Brazil is so far with 52 articles translated into Portuguese (pt-BR).

    The challenge is getting more interesting every step.…/default.aspx

  2. Luigi Bruno says:

    An Italian Wikier started the "Translated into English"!

  3. Ed I'm with a doubt.

    The sum of all the articles are translated into Portuguese (pt-BR) to date or only the period of the challenge?

    If the entire period the correct number is now 53 and not 22. Yesterday add one more article.

  4. Norwegian articles are tagged with NorwegianNinja.. 🙂 more will come next week!

  5. Sorry Luciano, I was still working on the tally. It is just for articles authored after 3/12. The number I have for Portuguese articles authored by yesterday is 42. You can double check that if you'd like. But it's just a tally to see where we're currently at.


  6. Thanks Tord! I added the tag and am tallying up those as well. Thanks again!

  7. Norway is doing well but I see that I have a job to do in order to compete with the Portuguese! Great work all, together we build a better Wiki.. 🙂

  8. Yagmoth555 says:

    Good job everyone ! 🙂   Got to work a bit harder, hehehe

  9. Okay Norway is up to 29.. 😀

  10. Peter Geelen says:

    And Dutch is going to beat them all!

  11. Peter, I made a new tag for the Dutch translations:…/default.aspx

    I added the one you did today. Great job!

  12. Tord, well maybe you can go for the individual competition! =^)

    Keep it up everyone! You're doing an impressive job!

  13. This event is interesting.

    Although I'm late to join this challenge, I'll do my best.

    Thanks, Ed.

    Japanese article is still less…

    Portuguese(Brazil) is great!!

  14. Yottun8,

    Awesome! Glad you can join us!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday – Wiki Life post.

    If someone asks me "What was one

  16. Anonymous says:

    Bonjour, on est mercredi, et le mercredi c’est le jour des articles consacrés à la

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