Community Win: Compatibility!

Stephen Banks, SBS MVP, created External Backup Drives Compatibility List, a catalog of which backup drives are compatible with different versions of Small Business Server.  Within a few minutes, other had extended the article and over 1.5 years there have been over 50 revisions and thousands of page views. This is a great example of how community can work together to build authoritative content, maintain quality and relevancy, and help SBS users with an immediate need.

Community plays well together!


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Comments (3)

  1. Short and sweet. This is a perfect example of using a Wiki page as a community list. It's a simple idea, but it's very valuable and practical. Thanks to Stephen for driving this!

  2. I love it when articles grow and evolve with the community contributions! Very good article too! Great work and a thank you to the community!

  3. What is impressive about that Wiki page is the high number of different contributors. Even Robbie Williams, the pop star (, contributed! Or did I confuse him with another Rob Williams???

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