Friday with International Community Update – Microsoft Certification articles in German and English

Hello Community, Luciano Lima here today to update you on the latest news in the TechNet Wiki international community from German.

The highlight of this week goes to Horizon_Net, who wrote dozens of articles about Microsoft Certification in German and English and updated several others.

In addition to excellent content added in the articles and standardization, another one that caught my attention was the creation of [section in the Exam articles called] Related Forum Posts, which links back to TechNet forum threads that refer to the specific exam in the correspondent article (in other words, you can pick an Exam in the Certification Portal on TNWiki, and then find out which forum threads talk about the specific exam).

This is excellent example for the entire international community to follow.

Great work!

Big hugs go to the TechNet Wiki community, keep up the contribution, have a great Friday and don’t forget to tweet #TNWIKI and follow us:




Comments (5)

  1. Congratulations Horizon_Net, great work

  2. Good work Horizon! Really good reference!

  3. Horizon_Net says:

    Thank you guys!

    There's still a lot of work to do and I'm happy that Tord started the Norwegian translation of the articles. Also a Portuguese version was added this week by Luan Moreno.

    Thank you for the hard work of translating this content! I hope that other people will join us.

    And the figth for the translation crown isn't over yet 😉 So good luck and happy translating.

  4. You made a great point about the forum links! Thank you!

  5. Hey Horizon, Sharing is knowledge! Translating them for you is just a way to show what you have done also has a wider international value!

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