Community Win: Giving New Life to TechNet Library Topics

The Certificate Revocation and Status checking document was written a long time ago. It was a very good document in its day and was quite popular. The problem is that the topic was so old that no one was keeping track of it any longer. This problem was brought to my attention by field engineers who found the old article very useful, but in need of some updates. Unfortunately, the topic had long since been left behind in an old database that was no longer actively maintained. Fortunately, we were able to give the article a new home and new life as Certificate Status and Revocation Checking on the TechNet Wiki. After it was moved, I was able to update the article based on the feedback that had built up over the years. The article was posted just last month and has received about 2,500 page views since. That is on par with the page views that the former outdated version was receiving. The community win is that the article is now updated and enjoying a new life on the TechNet Wiki.

Comments (4)

  1. Perfect win for keeping content alive, organic, and up to date!

  2. Monica Rush says:

    This is great, Kurt. I agree completely with Ed!

  3. The Wiki is great to keep old articles updated, good work!

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