Featured Wiki Article – Active Directory: LDAP Syntax Filters

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One of the technologies that almost any System Administrator or Help Desk Technician has to deal with at some point is Active Directory. Because of the nature of the technology, managing each individual object in a domain can be time-consuming. Having a way to manage objects in bulk helps tremendously, even in small environments,  which is where scripting comes into play. Querying Active Directory can be complex for pros, much less novices, but fortunately enough for us, Richard Mueller provided an excellent guide to the world of Active Directory LDAP Syntax Filters.

This wiki article has been referenced numerous times by IT Pros and Developers for various reasons:

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It has also received praise from peers in the scripting community:

 Congratulations Richard Mueller for a great article!

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  2. In general? Today I came across this blog that highlighted the SCSM Survival Guide:


  3. Thanks for the recognition. I appreciate it very much.

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