Top 10 Wiki Ninjas: Ed Price travels back in time to SQL Server 2000

Welcome to our weekly Top 10 Contributors on TechNet Wiki!

The top contributors list seems to be having technical problems, so instead let's look at the authors of the most popular topics this week...

My three articles that broke milestones this week were...

SQL Server 2000

PowerPivot: DAX: Time Intelligence Functions

Differences Between the MVP and MCC Awards


I was having a tough time deciding which to feature here.

First, I'll say that the PowerPivot DAX resources were a lot of fun to dig into on TechNet Wiki. A lot of the original content comes from Technical Writer, Jeannine Takaki. The DAX resources have continued, and Microsoft Technical Writer Owen Duncan now maintains the DAX Resource Center here: DAX Resource Center (formerly called the PowerPivot DAX Survival Guide).

Now let's talk about SQL Server 2000. I start stubs to inspire someone to fill out the content. A lot of times that someone is another community member, but sometimes it's also me. For example, when I saw that SQL Server 2000 was getting a lot of views (but no updates), I went ahead and updated the article with some release information, a list of features, and links to the other versions. I would have also linked to articles that focus on SQL Server 2000, but no one's written any yet!

Anyway, if you have any additional trivia or tidbits to add to the SQL Server 2000 article, please do!


And congrats also go out to the other authors of the most popular TechNet Wiki articles this week... Tom, Roger, Kurt, Henrik, Markus, Patris, Rick, Nitin, and Ning! Congratulations! Keep up the great contributions!


Come on in! The Wiki is warm!

   - Ninja Ed (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)


Comments (8)

  1. Naushad.Alam says:

    The link for Differences Between the MVP and MCC Awards is not working, However i have found the article using search.

  2. Naushad,

    I'll fix it. Thanks!

    Here are the DIfferences Between the MVP and MCC Awards:…/4913.differences-between-the-mvp-and-mcc-awards.aspx

    And here's the link to how to become an MVP or MCC:…/

  3. I fixed the broken links. Thanks!

  4. Aren't ninja's supposed to be invisible? I see you standing there at the top of this list looking like a "makiwara"!

  5. haha, sorry for off-topic comment, but I have to give Margriet kudos for that comment! 🙂 So true!

  6. Even more than invisible… we're virtual. =^)

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