Where Do You Wiki?

Many of you are Wiki Ninjas in the TechNet Wiki. We appreciate your contributions and passion for helping others in the community, but there are many other places to contribute, some of them Wikis.

So where else do you Wiki? Ad a comment to this post and share:

  • Name and URL of the Wiki
  • Link to a few representative articles (yours or from someone else)
  • Share at least one reason why the site is important to you and the community

Next week we will assemble the responses and share!


Comments (5)

  1. I was just talking to Daniel about this Access wiki site, that's started and moderated by the Access community: http://www.utteraccess.com/…/Main_Page

  2. Yagmoth555 says:

    To be honest, for me I started to wiki on the TN wiki ! This is the first wiki that give me the taste to write stuff and to share. (Time is precious, and before contributing some times you always weight the pro&con of it, other place I go from time to time are just forums)

  3. Before I used TechNet Wiki, I used SQLServerPedia: http://sqlserverpedia.com/

    Truthfully, they ended up deciding that all their visitors preferred staying on their own blogs (what Tom talked about as a fear this week), and so they ended up feeding to all their top community folks' blogs: pulse.sqlserverpedia.com/blog

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